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My man, Jon Morgan can have the way they'll be there. Chris sorry. Steven morocco. He'll be reporting on all that's going to be a big day because that will have a trickle effect as to what's going to happen with one hundred fifty five pounds the champ. But if he's not defending what's going to happen. You see how quick do you see can be putting their hand on the trigger and saying eight let's go to the interim out when someone's hurt or there's a contract negotiation. That's not working out or maybe certain fighters just avoiding certain booking can that happen here. Who knows but I. I believe that he'll be is established himself as stars. I think the will be a little lenient with them. It just sucks it. It's such a talent rich division and yet. We don't have enough title-fights in that division. That's the one that should have the final fights because there's so many itself potties and a lot of those guys are like thirty years or younger or just at thirty should be flourishing right now. And instead, we've had you know, botched way cuts and interim that didn't matter and champions that didn't fight for years. And now suspensions it just sucks flat out suck. So hopefully that gets sorted out Tuesday, Nevada State Athletic commission. It's going to be an interesting day. All right. Tell me about our surprise guest list on looking. Yeah. Josh do we have somebody on hold right now. We do indeed. Who got got the one and only big John McCarthy how about that? Big John McCarthy, you know, he sees them burgers and his day. Right. I'm not commenting on that. Vegas will break. My legs come on. He's a dune a business name anyway. Right. All right. Yes. We're mom. Big John McCarthy. What's up, man? Doing good good. Welcome back to him and me junkie radio on with George goes, Dan. And right now, we site check from combat sports all together.

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