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Philip making noises gargling noises most like nothing. The more I read the worse, it gets Purdue at Nebraska hole. Which coming into the year that looked really, really fun. Look, it looked it. It looked fun. What is the? I haven't looked at over unders yet the. Let's see it. What the fuck the, oh, there it is the over under in Florida. State level is forty. Seven seems generous. Turnovers, turnovers pay f- humble run backs. Yeah, I think turnovers in bad special teams probably where they're trying to like, just betting errors that just like I dunno, teams are inept offensively. Let's just take it to like, you know, forty. So refined here, it'll be good. Yeah, there's nothing is yes. The next, those Texas at Kansas state to act as never wins there. Granted, Kansas state is bad. Yeah, a quarterback change this week by the way. Like which is interesting because the way that I read it was some bizarre phrasing. I believe that Bill Snyder coming into the year had listened to his offensive coaches that they they, they wanted Schuyler Thompson, right as their options starter and get scholar Thompson, didn't exactly fit the typical mould of Kansas state quarterback. And by that I mean he did not look like dime stores, superman. He didn't have as many dollars hours. Right? He didn't look like to Franken back who secretly tight end. They just moved to quarterback. Right. It didn't look like Jim Tibo. Yeah, he didn't look like Dan Le fever, actual name because Dan lefavor was basically that. Yeah, the way that it was put from Jeff Rosen of the KC star Bill Snyder asserts his power over k state assistance. L. which I just saw like Gandalf right. That's also literally states offense. You shall not pass..

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