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In being in this kind of business i you know i think this level of success you you you can take some things from it but not everything in other words you certainly you can't expect everything's gonna be this law boats success or even cap that level of success he had the perfect storm of a lot of different factors but i do think that there's a limited number of athletes who have the appeal have the desire have the skill to do both um and i think it would it's a business opportunity both sides now you know at some level it's up to the promoters whether that's something that they feel like benefits them in the longrun benefits are athletes and long run but from this side of the table i mean i think it's really intriguing and we'd love to do more of them since you've had this fight happen in beat a success that it was have you had other managers of famous fighters of meters approach uber doing this there have been a good number of of mma fighters uh male and female who reached out um some of them through manager some of them directly to um eu we'll see a look at a blow anybody up um but their names sure in of what their names that entered there's you plenty of names inter that you recognize okay um and you're a symbol more exploratory were you know seemed more than exploratory um but they were all more than look if you take the time to sort of.

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