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Of rolling power outages as extreme heat puts too much stress on its transmission system. If EPA does require that customers could see outages of 30 minutes to up to four hours at a time, according to the Tri City Herald, Carlene Johnson Co Mo News coming up on Come on news. I'm Ryan Harris with the long term concerns for hospitality businesses as they're finally allowed to fully reopened. But first a 204 camo traffic update from the Dubin Law Group Traffic Centre Back to Marina Rock, injure a few things to mention westbound I united the off round two highway 18. We have a collision. Partially blocking that ramp. Looking out Bridge Highway one. Oh, four is closed right now both directions for boat traffic. Step beyond I five exit at Highway 20 That's mile post 2 30. There is a collision blocking all lanes. So that's something you need to be aware of. Because now we're looking at bumper to bumper traffic. Right around Cook Road down to that scene in Burlington. So all South bound lanes of I five blocked near Highway 20. Now you do have some options. You could take a Von Allen road to the west of I five. If that works out for you, another roadway you could take And these are small roads by the way. Another one. You can take his Pulver road. If you know that area and east of I five. That's a tough one, because there aren't very many lengthy roads to the east of I five, but one that might work out for you as well is the one that parallels I five, which is old Highway 99. Your next chemo traffic at 2 14. Romo forecast now from meteorologist Kristin Clark. Let the cool down begin. We've already experienced the cooling effects of that onshore breeze in some parts of western Washington, but it's really going to take some time. To temper the success of feet and Puget Sound highs today surged well into the eighties and even a few nineties, especially east of I five now this concerning because here we are the fifth day in a row of excessive heat, so the body temperatures tends to stay elevated. Just stay vigilant for one more day.

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