Gwen Bomb, Official, White House discussed on Brett Winterble


President trump in Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelinsky address their controversial July phone call during a meeting today at the United Nations CBS news Stephen Portnoy's in New York and he says neither man fully elaborated on the White House memo that detailed their conversation as he sat alongside the American president Vladimir silence he was asked by a reporter whether he felt pressure to investigate Joe by nobody pushed me president trump was glad to here in Saint Louis no pressure the official government record of the call does have Mr trump urging salen ski to do him a favor quote find out what happened with this whole situation with Ukraine he mentioned crowds strike a cyber security firm that investigated the hacking of DNC emails and any urging new probe of Joe one hundred by so let's give out he'd get it done Stephen Portnoy's CBS news New York a new climate change report from the United Nations is Graham more than one hundred scientists put together the report they believe the impacts of climate change are increasing and inevitable CBS news Gwen bomb gardeners in London with detail from the earth's tallest peaks to the ocean floor scientists warn no part of the world will be spared from the climate crisis the consequences for nature and humanity are sweeping and severe. the United Nations intergovernmental panel on climate change released the unprecedented report concluding that the planet can't keep up with global warming the oceans which act as a sponge for CO two emissions are at capacity threatening to swallow up islands and coastal cities we need to take immediate.

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