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Along to the latest episode in our top tens series and we are gathered here today to record a couple of these. At wonderful, wonderful. Silverstone circuit. Kev, chief editor, editor in chief, I should know that. What am I going to say? No, no, chief description. One of the first times. It's meaningless as we've discussed previously. Set us up for today. So let's get together a new show here. And I'm grateful that you did nice to come and hear some cars on the track. There's a track day going on. Did you make it up all right? So I know you've had a very interesting oh, I'm not in the interesting car story. I'm in the diesel BMW compact because that's that one works at the moment. The interesting car is being so interesting is stationary in my driveway. Again, I don't know if you brought that along. Last time I heard it was on bricks were stopping backwards. Correct. So I wanted to take it to the NEC. That didn't work. I wanted to take it to an event after that. That didn't work. And it would have been nice to bring it today. Yeah. It will make it to an event. I always want to set an event up so that I can bring it. But it keeps thwarting it at the moment. I won't tell you what it is until I've got it working in there because I want to embarrass it really. Wonderful. And to weigh in on this top tens edition. It's Jake boxhall like it's the first one you've done. It's certainly is of this series. Have you done the top tens before? Yeah, we did arrows in the last of course you did. He was the expert on that. That was the list. That was so I've got to cast aspersions on Kev's list and basically decide whether I agree or not kind of like a Roman Emperor a thumbs up thumbs down type deal. No, I like that. I forget I was remote. I was at home that day and you were all in the office, so that's why it's a blind spot. It's nice to all be together. It is. And we've even got colleagues working in the background. It's almost feels like it's probably 2020. I'll add some typing sound effects to the background and I don't want to just playing on his phone. Let's get into it. Style he says. Okay. Let's get into it. Let's move on. Our top tens, what's the topic you've got for us this week? So this is a top ten worst F one cars to win a world championship Grand Prix. So I think this is the first worst list we've done because I don't really like worse than this when it comes to actual drivers and people because that seems a bit harsh. But I thought worst cars, particularly as at least one of the designers mentioned in this list agrees that the car was terrible. So I thought we could get away with it with the car. So we're doing a ten worst cars to win a Grand Prix and the next episode will be the ten best cars that didn't manage to win a world championship race. So we've got the union Yang there. Brilliant. We'll kick us off. Yeah, so number ten is the Ferrari F 60. So if you remember the rules change for 2009 Ferrari McLaren had been the pace setters, the raised a couple of years. And the S 60 just didn't, I mean, both scenes actually produced pretty poor cars. But they did both manage to win a race during the season in the Ferrari makes it in there. If you remember, it Felipe Massa and Kimi raik struggled to even score points in the first part of the season. The weight distribution was a bit off because of the that was when we had the kinetic energy recovery system. As a bizarre combination of factors, obviously, after Massa had his unfortunate accident Hungary and was put out, Kimi stepped up, I think, drove better after that. Sparring was always good at. And so he got that one victory, having helped cause a safety car period. He then used the restart to curse his way passing Carlo fisichella in the force India to take the only win, the only win of that car in the season. So it wasn't really, it wasn't really a waste or it shouldn't really have been a race winning car. And they fell from winning the constructors championship the year before to finishing fourth. Not a terrible car, but just quite a flawed mediocre one for a team that probably should have done better. Not the most unreliable car either looking at its list of results. It didn't fall off the track every other week. No, well, we're into the we're into the ear in 21st century, aren't we where to smash the cars are reliable most of the time. I guess the hybrids of more recent years are perhaps throwing that a little bit, but generally the quality control in modern motor sport is pretty remarkable now. JBL, the Ferrari F 60 is, yeah, it was part of that season because as Kev alluded to, we had that Titanic spread between Ferrari and McLaren in 2008. And they were putting all of their resources into that and you kind of had the other teams and they weren't really at this point ever factoring in the 2008 race. And so they were putting all of their eggs into the 2009 basket and you had those. That big change in rule set, this was kind of an early forerunner, I guess to what we have now where everybody's going after overtaking and following. And so they changed the dimensions of the cars to try and improve that. We had these big snowplow front wings, very, very tall, skinny rear wings, to try and change the distribution of the dirty air, let's say. And ensure the cars could follow a little bit better. It didn't, I wouldn't say it massively worked so much because you have the adjustable front wing and you had rather than teams using it like what was intended to be basically a precursor to DRS in 2011. They were actually using the adjustable front wing flaps to trim off a little bit wing and play with that kind of balance. So it didn't really have the impact it wanted. But Ferrari was a bit behind the 8 ball. And I think if you look at the beginning of the season, the F 60 was probably better than McLaren's car, I think, on the balance, but McLaren developed much better through the season. Because I remember the British going for it here. Silverstone, Lewis Hamilton was absolutely nowhere all weekend a year after that stunning win in 2008. McLaren stepped it up and Ferrari probably did. I think by August, they kind of given up on the car and gone put it all for 2010. But that race between Brighton and physical are for the win at spa. That was interesting because there's Kev said earlier. Raikkonen used his curse. And I think that was the one time all year that kurz was actually useful. I was talking to a couple of years ago now. I was talking to Nick heidfeld about the BMW Kerr's unit. And he said, every time they put it on the car, it was worse. And they just kept it on purely as a marketing exercise. But yeah, that was the differentiator, the force India on that day. It was very, very good in the straight line, and it was great at spar Monza. Did it. It didn't have cursed. No. But on a different day, that was sliding doors moment.

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