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Hey violate you were the one who is so excited that you were right about the whole exiting said finn is only right that you take care of the baby finn was try not to laugh even though volley was to put it politely struggling in his new role as father figure to the little blue baby all i wanted was a little acknowledgement that i knew something that a robot didn't said valley the little baby sitting on his shoulders tugging on his hair youth the baby for the fifth time that day had spit up onto volley uh in my hair i mean how much peaking kenner baby do volley finn and abigail were all sitting in abigail families compartment with meg eliason foggy were off piecing volcanic speck together after his rookie space skating mishap aside from the baby's upset stomach it had actually both upset and count the space station on the one hand it was an alien life force that had suddenly shown up on the marlow with no clue as to where it came from or even whether meant harm but on the other hand it was really cute had a thick bright blue hide with tufts of fur on his knees elbows and shoulders it had too little horns sticking out of his forehead and a toothless smile that it flashed often violate in the baby were instant pals maybe because the baby sensed he was audits side from the beginning or maybe just because volley was as close to a baby.

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