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To the question of the night off the end of the Jodi Mack show right before mine tonight conversation about the Olympics in Japan is this corona virus continues to spread it's a no brainer to postpone it for a year not cancel it not why the claim you don't have to readjust the Olympics scheduled you postpone it for a year then three years later you have an excellent books I mean it's an event that happens every four years in a Tokyo has all the infrastructure in place in this coronavirus finds a vaccine Q. or whatever it is between now and a year or a year from now then I'm cool with that I mean I get beyond safe cautions M. M. the wait until at the end of another month can you just postpone it Hannah but the other people have made travel plans and I get all that in but also with those corona virus with the social networks with misinformation with what's real but that comparison that I laid out for the John Hopkins university comparison between the coronavirus and flow it's staggering when you look at the impact of the full and it's affecting the sports world I mean you couldn't go you know Italy soccer matches all across Asia has it really affected anything in sports in this country but when I open up my email on Friday and my kids school district has there coronavirus preparation and a list of things we should do I'm like am I am I missing something and that's when I started you know looking at facts not not read none a Facebook or Twitter timeline I started looking towards the medical community and it's easy at your finger tips to get fax and if there is an epidemic sports you don't need to play the games it's simple and easy so I'll take your feedback one the Tokyo the Olympics in Japan coming up this summer do you agree wait till a month out then you decide to postpone it for a year it's my idea I want your feedback one eight five five two one two for CBS that's one eight five five two one two four two two seven at sanity huge on Twitter man Saturday night huge show on Facebook it's going to the audience pretty sure the people hanging around Richard in Dallas listening on one oh five point three a phone here on the Saturday night he would show and it's good to hear from you I just I wanted to say that number one your points are are great about you know understanding that there's not at an epidemic level event at this point but I am in the medical community and if anything this is what you're saying about facts and and things that that people really need to understand is that there is a huge clarification between the flu and the cone a corona virus and that we have developed a vaccine for the flu there are things that are preventative measures that are there for the flu but people still are resistant to those facts I myself have to condense entire clinic that people to take the flu vaccine every year and the misinformation is what happens with vaccines and what happens with people that are resistant to medical facts so of course the bean media perception and and actualization of the sphere is going to be a thing that's what media does that's how they get people to pay attention but if anything it should just be a platform to understand that yes this is that this is an advantage this is a dangerous situation this is something that has globally transpired around the world very quickly and this is what can happen with any different type of virus because there's only one way that the world goes the world will end it with a global virus all that the medical community continues to do is prevent those things and people are resistant to even the ones that we have figured out so to hope that the mob of of everyone is going to then jump to the fact that we have this one figured out it's more dangerous these are the facts and the way that you prevent it but at the same time dis this is a new thing and now this is a new fear and we don't have a prevention for that if anything if anything good for comes from this situation hopefully more people just get the flu vaccine and prevent themselves from B. already epidemic that we have that we have this little thing to prevent Richard I want to ask you as a medical professional what would be the point where all right let's say hypothetically speaking you're one of the medical liaisons to the IOC international Olympic committee where would it need to go with this corona virus outbreak for you to recommend if you're in that position we need to postpone the Olympics he need to see multiple person to person transmission and then you would need to understand that that epidemic does not have a stop point that if we had a a so the flu vaccine is is something that is made to that certain amount of strange for the flu every year there she will they get the flu vaccine and still get the flu because they've got a different strain of that flu vaccine that didn't work for the virus that they caught but in this situation there is no end point to that and so my suggestion or any any medical professional suggestion is going to be that if there is person to person transmission of this virus that has traveled around the world as quickly as it has that any kind of mass gathering of people from all over the world to make a nexus for this infection would be something they should just postpone immediately and it would be the same hi and the same outrage as everything that had to do with ECA a couple years back whenever it was to do with Brazil if you look now on the CDC website everywhere you search for eco will have the same level of threat almost all over the world has the same level of threat because it there is no active cases you get but the danger still persist but at this point it's not just that the danger process that it's there it's that if there is person to person transmission been applying and making in formulating a nexus of all the world's athletes from every world country in one situation is the worst possible situation to deal with that we just postpone it and I am you eight you wait a year if you have to wait two years to have the Olympics it's every four years I don't think it would be an issue and the reality as a medical professional now I ask you about this coronavirus before I let you go Richard I really appreciate all your medical inside here what's the end game in this I mean there's a sad in game and there's a real in game they're reeling game is that we don't really know the level that the virus is that from where it began because they began in a place like China where information is so structured on how it gets out and how it comes forward but at the same time we've already seen how quickly this virus can transmit around the world and so when it comes to whether we should move forward into a dangerous situation the obvious answer is now how do we stop twelve to sixty one thousand people dying a year of the flu in America how do we stop that I mean that to me again and what I said earlier Richard was I'm not gonna have a power poll rankings on viruses or diseases but twelve to sixty one thousand a year died of the flu seems to be an alarming number to me it is an alarming number but those twelve to sixty one thousand people I guarantee you were either offered or had the option to take a flu vaccine it did not and then you look at corona virus it's there's no end game right now to that to use game in a serious connotations so then right so really it is a platform that needs to be understood that yes this is a dangerous thing but also there's this other dangerous thing that people are using to rationalize why this other dangers it's not it's interest but at the exact same point the flu is something that we can prevent and it's something that people actively make a choice to not prevent are we close to a vaccine from anything you've read and you probably have a different has to information than most of us do it are they close to any vaccines for not close to having a vaccine on the corona virus now it's too it's too much of an A. unorthodox transmission of the disease most places in the world do not eat the things that were eaten to provide the animal to human contact that has to be available for a virus like this to exist Richard thank you that was a wonderful eight minutes a great background in the corona virus and the flu I appreciate your input when it comes to the Olympics and also sporting events I was good to get medical professionals we all have a right to our opinions but you get the medical professionals they hadn't gosh you hear him talk where in your life okay it's real I get that but that so twelve to sixty one thousand people could avoid Diane by just taking the vaccine in America because of the flow you know they make they make health insurance mandatory again I'm not one for government intervention but how is that not a requirement of twelve to sixty one thousand people are dying of the flu by the way five Italian top flight soccer games have been postponed this weekend due to concerns over the corona virus outbreak initially the matches were scheduled to be played behind closed doors with no fans but following an increase in cases in Italy the games have been called off and among the matches cancelled is the top of the table clash between title holders Juventus and inter Milan and Turin thank you thank you Richard that was.

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