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Yeah like gave an bunch but anyway back to this valence thing we're seeing or perhaps we're seeing more spree kills because you can't serial killing me longer maybe not gotta do what a paddock that well we'll see what happens are the pulse nightclub we'll see what i also then maybe we're also in another even weirder cycle where people would do serial killers just to be will do ciro murder just to get the attention of being just to have a podcast based upon their life how many jokes i've seen alone go saying like i kill people just to be unless putt guessing left like well what if that slowly becomes not ironic and starts becoming real i think let's not do that number no yeah just oh another very difficult another weird factoid is at todd todd is the name of bruce macarthur son in toronto okay and he was recently arrested for he is obsessed with doing obscene phone calls to random numbers that he was calling up women from the phone book and being like your fucking shit i want you to shoot him a mouth talking about like eating their shit and drinking their pass and like fucking on it's like you have a cell phone most likely you can't do that again like toronto has payphones okay so he's doing it from the payphone old school oh keep it old school back in the day because that's how it is that's how you get the real pleasure of it as you get to be in a booth you get to smell the piss and now you're smelling piss and you're thinking about this and you're calling somebody and ask them about their pass and she's like stop at but she could also maybe on the bathroom which he answered the phone and then you know it because maybe you'd like here a little bit you know what i'm just going to say you're over thinking.

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