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Try one today. He got his. He's finally like a piece on the internet. Nobody's trolling me. I'm not getting any likes well. Yes get twitter. If he wants to do that. y'all start. Nobody pays attention to twitter. It's like mid guard heimdal. They don't care. It's facebook voice. Cast for this one. You have kind of half of the people in half of the not people but largely the main two guys are natasha. And clint jeremy renner and you got lake bell returning as natasha. She does a great job. I love the lake bell but also benefits bennis. Watch cumberbatch as doctor strange. Toby jones as arnim zola. Ross marquand voicing ultra man of many voices Now i gotta play the ross marquand intro for the show josh keaton. Returning a steve rogers mic winger. Returning tony stark. Alexandra daniels carol danvers. And so that's about it. Those people are though replacements. Anthony the title does tell it all but tell us some more. What happens Let's set setup in this one. Ultra winds.

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