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'cause yeah like you said it's it's you don't have to agree with everybody but we were still called to love them and to be that light. So that's that's really good absolutely and by the way live to forgive is a pretty good book too. I hear so that that one too. This is great. Yeah I should have started with that right. How does an author not name his own book trying to name other books live again? I'm not check that own up also so said the last one What's your favorite Bible? Verse or quote you can pick one. Can I give you. You can all right so I'll give you a Bible verse in a quote so the Bible verse. It's my life verse. It's in proverbs. Three five and six proverbs chapter three versus five and six. And it simply says trust in the Lord with all of your heart and Lena on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Jim and he will make your path straight. So there's two levels to that verse trusting in the Lord with all of your heart and leaning on your own understanding so God wants us to trust him mm-hmm he wants us to trust him fully with everything we got and not lean on what we think we're supposed to do that. Goes back to the feelings thing Kalina on your own understanding and the second part is I guess what I would say that the launch part the walk part in all your ways acknowledge him him. That means God's with me wherever I go. He's with me. Whatever I'm doing I used to think? ESPN was separate for my faith that that was just my job but proverbs autumn's three six says in all your ways acknowledge him so that means take take the Lord with you wherever you go in the last part which I love which I've seen fully fully develop in my life is he will make your path straight now. The Path from a human perspective often is anything but straight but in God's eyes that straight path is his plan for us. We never really know that until we look back so that verse is a big one for me and then I quote real quick. Is I've been saying this quote a lot it's from CS Lewis and He says it's about forgiveness. I think and he said forgiveness is a everybody agrees. That forgiveness is a beautiful idea until we have to practice it and that is the idea of not just from forgiveness forgiveness perspective but from a life life perspective that we look at other people's stories journeys lives lived and we say that's wonderful. That's awesome but what I actually have to implement that and do the work myself. That's when the hard part begins and so if you're looking at somebody's journey to a job and you see that and you're like you know what I could do that I would love to do that. Looks like a beautiful thing and I have to practice it and put in the work and put in everything to get to where you're trying to get to. That's where the weeds are pulled from the people people just aren't cut out for that And in from a forgiveness perspective you know we all agree. That forgiveness is awesome when we see other people forgiving when we hear stories as a forgiveness but when we have to implement that in our own lives you know often that's where it gets really messy muddy because people will say but you don't know what I've been through but you don't know the hurt that this person has caused me and it's a hard thing to practice and implement things that we know are good and and and right and from afar seem really good and perfect and implementing. Those things can be really really difficult so I love that quote. It's been what I've been saying different speaking engagements for probably the last two years and it's one that sticks out to me. Yeah that's really good and I'm actually a teaching a marriage class right now on Sunday mornings in our Bible Study Glasson Lot of times what I'll say is we all see these perfect marriages in Phnom kind of sidetracking. But let's see these marriages in there so great and I I want that marriage and I tell them the class I say well it takes work. You know we can't just wish a good marriage or good relationship with their kids or whatever it is it everything we do it takes work it takes sacrifice and you know we. We have to put in the effort. Does yeah it's hard. It's very very hard and it takes work and you're only going to get what you get out what you put into it. You know you reap what you so. That's all right and you really if you're going going to try and do great things and accomplish things and even in your relationship with God like if you if you don't you're going to get out put in right. God doesn't go anywhere. We're the ones that drift in. Everybody thinks where did you go. God still there were the ones that went and drifted. But we're GONNA get out our relationship but we put into it you know and if there if we're not putting a lot into our relationship relationship with God and how can we expect him to really Respond in crazy crazy ways in in even deeper ways with us if we're not putting that effort in an on our side again it's not about effort in terms of getting to heaven in my opinion it's about grace and got his done but you know relationship is a two ways talking about a relationship with God a relationship with people. It doesn't just work. It's not a one way street relationships just not. That's when really it's in marriages. Two new marriages are one way streets. You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA eventually hit a dead end in. That's when bad things happen. Yeah absolutely fully agree with everything you said for sure well. So what's the best way for the audience to connect with you probably social media or my website so you mentioned my website earlier earlier. Gabe it's it's simply my name. Jason Romano Dot Com and you can hit the contact button on there and if you write something it comes directly to me. There's nobody else. Let's reading or looking at it so you can reach me that way and you can also tweet at me or go to instagram. My DM's or are open. You can reach out to me whenever however you'd like I am. I'm pretty much at ninety. Nine percent response success rate and. That's not to Brag. That's just because I believe in responding to people when they reach out to you so so yes if they see or hear want to reach out for any reason in fact that's how you and I connected. He reached out. I responded and that's that's kind of how I try to do things things You know I don't believe in on just too busy. Sorry you're everybody's busy so when somebody takes time to reach out to you at least reach back out and acknowledged that they reached out to you. We can't always help. But you can at least be courteous. Yeah that's Great Yes oh to the listeners. Yet reach out and say hi to Jason for sure Well before we say goodbye if you could give the audience just in a few sentences Some parting words of advice parting words of advice Well I already gave my Bible verse which is often the advice I give which is seek first the Kingdom of God or trust in the Lord with all of your heart and all your ways acknowledge knowledgeable direct your path. I think I would I would say is the best advice that I could give to. People is to is to passionately. Love Kevin Serve others and I know this is kind of repeating everything that I've said But it's sort of ties. It back up in a bow is to passionately love and serve others. Love Love God and love others but to serve others to look at ways that you can make an impact small or big you know. I believe if you see a homeless person in your heart automatically gets pardoned in like That person's probably GONNA go buy a bunch of cigarettes or whatever Searched at heart a little bit and look at that person who might be standing out there. Because he's in a bad spot and have empathy. Empathy is is the game changer. I believe in life right now. Maybe that's the best advice is Seek others and look at others with an empathetic heart. Because we're all going through something that everyone else can't see you know and You know anxiety and depression are sort of. I don't WANNA call buzzwords. Put there there. There is something that's really come to the forefront a lot lately for a lot of people and and Unfortunately a lot of people up you know going down at dark path and not being able to come back and I believe if we could have empathy towards others. It would be such a giant game changer whether it's leadership in in politics in Washington whether it's in church leadership whether it's in businesses having empathy and seeing others from their perspective. What they might be going through when we do that I believe it opens up opportunities to really? We love others in a way that we couldn't otherwise so seek people with an empathetic car. That's what I believe that's amazing. That's great advice. Well Jason. We've come the end at Spin. Truly a.

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