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The actor not anyone appeal and the reason why he's not going to appeal is because the nfl made a deal with jameis winston you don't fight this like tom brady fought the deflate gate suspension or you don't fight this like zeki ali had fought his own situation that was an act of massage any you don't fight these things and we'll give you a lighter sentence and can anyone explained to me by the way how the nfl got the three games the nfl is so wildly inconsistent when it comes to misogynistic axe ray rice two games oh a video comes out oh now we have to actually act like we care the national football league there's no way the nfl did not see that video before became public the giants kicker josh brown he only got one game there was the league official who had to pull his wife from the pro bowl because josh brown was acting like a jackass at an animal so i don't get out of the nfl comes to these conclusions and these penalties and they just make it up as they go and the nfl could tell you they care the nfl is could tell you they're trying to improve these problems with their pliers and some of their players that commit these terrible heinous acts but do they really care because if you thought jameis winston did touch the super driver why are you looking to settle with them you know you have the power you know you could suspend them for however many games you want to suspend him so why did you go soft here why did you only go three games because you gotta deal you got jameis winston who said he won't appeal anyone with this thing linger out so.

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