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Talk with you. Well, I wanna thank you so much for your service star country, you're in you're in the army army reserves will thank you for that. And for people are not aware. Reserve us sign up to have their lives disrupted on very short notice. And what's happening in your case? Found out. I am pointing for nine months. So we've decided that it'd be best for my wife to move home. You know, so she's close with family while I'm gone. The plan is returned home from deployment. I want to go back to school finish my PHD. My issue. I'm not sure what to do with the home mortgage. Nice house. You think we could rent it out at the other alternate selling? But there's also, you know, the hassle factor me being gone. So I just wanted to see what your which are visor guiding on how to think about what to do with their home. If I have this, right? Nine months later, you're going right back to the town where you own this house. No clark. I I would be relocating to another state. Oh, if you're relocating the house that you have how far away are you going to be likely where you would relocate to? Fortunately, I know exactly. It's a being Kentucky. I live in Charlotte. But it's the university Kentucky. So that's about Nate our drive, sell it. Okay. Yeah. That that's the case where you're leaving something behind that would just be there'd be too much hassle factor. Okay. And have you made any money on it at least on paper in the time? You've owned the house about two hundred. I think it's worth to five. You're not gonna clear much after selling costs selling expenses. But I think that it's best to move on to sell that house. Have you told me yet? And I misunderstood you that you're going to go back there after your deployment. And again, thank you for your service. And if you told me you were going back there, I'd say, yeah. Put it on hold essentially by renting it, but since you know, you're not going back then. That needs to just be sold. I think the hassle factor. I think that that would that would be a lot cleaner and the stress about them paying or or whatever the case, and what's your PHD gonna be in. So. Not going to believe me. It's it's actually Musicology background is impossible. The music and university Kentucky gimme a complete full ride offered or school job. Once I get there. So it's a great opportunity, which is why I'm wanting to up and relocated to. Wow, what a deal, and what rank are you in the army? I'm a first Lieutenant, but I will white we get they told me they would probably promote me while I'm down there to Catholic. All right. Well, firstly.

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