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In it paris hilton song and i went back and listen to peres's entire album from two thousand six. You is this. Adam has so many bankers. The song screwed rude. Aiding hold on. I got to see if i have it. Okay it's sarah whole generation. Listen to this album but on the deal and we all just happened to the songs into in our room. We were soon barrier because the world wanted to not like it but it was so good stars are blind. Here we go. I remember that did include. If i was in a disney channel original movie this is the opening song to the movie of my life lauren. Do you remember barn when we had girl crush. Okay so a little known fact that much or if you not nevada's but we had a band with maura wait like band. And what was it called girl crush girl even kidding you. I was twenty twenty one. We thought we were going to be real top stars. We had my one friend who was like a musical engineer. Come over like once a week and we would pre a producer songwriter. These songs it was. Okay we never vocally recorded them. Lake trout my phone way iconic. Did you write a song. We've outright words and then we have the music but we never recorded. what are you waiting for ashley. You're famous now. Get that shit out. Like kaitlyn bristowe. Course omar gosh. Why don't we as designed you're going to. This is what you need to do my own library. This is your next career next. Yeah this is like the next phase. of course don't have it. How do you have it on your phone. And everything is. Oh yeah the cloud. Why let me see the twelve. I have the most recent one always you. Can i see it. do you like best. Okay lauren this is the that is labeled best as in like god. Did we actually sing on this though lords nervous. I'm so scared now. It sounds like the keyboard sounds that you have on a d. word on my god. What are the lyrics..

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