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The paper k twelve education through a a a payroll or income tax alaska would be paying a hundred and sixty eight percent of the national average were number number one in k twelve spending we would have to have an income tax of about that six and a half percent just lorde it where the national average of about three point seven percent but i am i'm pretty sure the direct we need to go focusing on the basic especially with early childhood literacy of the alaska is not only that are are billy school lowincome kids but are upper middle income kids in urban kids are some of the worst or were in the united states and birthrate redick kids don't learn to read you can't read to learn now that it's the truth i i worry my kid goes you know bachar think dave steer it's funny all the talk show hosts have kids there but an sullivan's i know so many people with kids at bay sure that's where my actually so maguire she went to school her and her brother in idaho with beige or you know they have they have a curriculum were sometimes i think it's laughable other times it's pretty tough and i know the class grayson's in he has the multi classroom i guess model usair paradigm so they kind of make it similar to a seventh grade example where he goes to different classes in the day not just one but but i look and talk to look at other schools and talk to parents and this is just an acreage or matsu and they don't have those hybrid programs than i talk to friends with kids in schools and roll alaska and it just goes downhill from there and they're like we don't know what to do but we only have so many resources particularly by name teachers not only so many teachers go to rural alaska in particular i don't know what the answer is that's like septic systems and it's like food and everything else if you choose to.

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