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Way the team bounced back after Sunday's loss here to Niagara, too. Play. Should have won that game yesterday. You feeling a little different vibe? Oh, yeah? Yeah, definitely way say we're gonna take a step forward in the right direction each night and that's what I've seen in the past. However many games two games and, you know, I see the ship's sound in the right direction. So I'm excited to see where we're going to go and excited to get back at it tomorrow against Ah, sacred heart getting more for be a frank. I don't know It's great having you on you're a natural at this man. If I didn't like, you know, what if I if I come down with something hopefully ain't covert. But whatever it is that come down with something I think I think, but we got our guest star. Uh, yeah. Ed McMahon's gonna be filling in here for Johnny Carson. They don't know that way. There's no way they now. Hey, there's probably only on Lee 25% of our listeners know who that is. So look that up. I had to. Actually, we're talking Saturday night Live stuff coming in here, and I had him pull up some vintage. Saturday Live. How cool That s O. Yeah. We had a good conversation on the way over. But be a thanks for taking time to come on out here and visit with congratulations on the first of many goals as a falcon. Thanks, Coach. Yes. Yeah. Thank you. B And then Nate and Jake. You guys got some tough shoes to fill here after that one. This just give you a little heads up. Our other guests are Nate Horn and Jake Marty, who will be joining us as we continue. We need to take a break here, but we are live in Niagara and Dwyer Arena, home of the Purple Eagles. And tomorrow it's going to be the home of the Falcons because they're the home team as they're playing sacred heart and a makeup game tomorrow afternoon here will have it live and.

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