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It's a good answer chris roading says clark you had a lady colin recently about a scam on craigslist she told her to post a post on facebook trade groups says i hate to tell you but they're scammers there as well and a lot of the administrators don't do their due diligence and checking new people out before adding them to group so people need beware on the facebook groups as well right so the thing with that is that the calibre and quality of the facebook community groups does very my family members are in a number of the facebook community groups and they know which ones tend to be tightly controlled in which ones aren't and so that is great advice monti one more jal gals thinks like you were getting shirtless take one were gel road and said there's a free people search site you type your name in it and provide all your past present addresses phone numbers email addresses names of family members it certainly seems like a violation of your privacy rights they say you can opt out but it seems sketchy to do that is this a scam or kappel scheme catfish scheme don't that term the i think it's a assigned the capture you're exactly i get all your information so i the the one that i talked about the most that you could find out incredible information about people no longer is available for free with the public face you have to pay now for it but information public record is so widely available the if you you want to creep yourself out just go google yourself and or google street address or whatever and see how much information comes up and there's no way in the united states to put that information back in the bottle we don't have some in common overseas which is what's referred to generally translated in english is the right to be forgotten.

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