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It used to be a vice chair of the finance division at elliot brody after his alleged affair with a playboy model who became pregnant you have been out there publicly suggesting that maybe elliott roy d wasn't actually michael cohen's client in this deal what do you mean what are you suggesting well i made a statement on morning joe to to make one of the host about that and we're in the process of actually getting to the bottom of this one point six million dollar payment some information has come to light that i think calls into question the circumstances around that payment and in fact whether it was made on behalf of mr brody i find it very very curious jake at a minimum that michael cohen represented mr brody in connection with that my understanding is that michael cohen had no involvement no knowledge of mr brody during this time period and that's a very good source in someone with details relating to this transaction you get somebody else that maybe impregnated this playboy model well i think it may be are you suggesting it's president trump i'm not suggesting anything right now but i'm gonna tell you this we're going to get to the bottom of that just like we into the bottom of the agreement you just tweeted out the cover of the national enquirer in which the supermarket tabloid seems to be going after michael cohen there's the headline trump fixers secrets and lies it's no secret obviously that the publisher of the national enquirer is an ally and friend of president trump people who have been in president trump's sites frequently end up being attacked on the front page of the national enquirer happened during the election with ted cruz and others what do you make of that and why are you tweeting out that the national enquirer is going after michael conley.

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