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A. After one team member was diagnosed with Cove, it 19 It wasn't without some tension and drama. Major League Baseball said yesterday that third baseman Justin Turner was irresponsible for defying agreed upon health and safety protocols. Turner refused to stay in isolation during the postgame celebration on Tuesday night. Instead, you wanted a group shot on the field following the game, the MLB said Turner's decision to leave isolation and enter the field was wrong and put everyone he came in contact with at risk. Last night, Turner took a private jet back to L. A. A. While Most of the team flew to L. A X on a commercial flight. Steve Gregory King If I knew News is brought to you by Mike Diamond, the smell good plumber. The fire near Irvine is 32% contained, firefighters say things have calmed down with the end of red flag weather conditions of you. Evacuation orders are still in effect for the areas near Foothill Ranch, the Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park and Majestic Canyon. Fires burned more than 13,300 acres since Monday morning. That barn owl rescued by firefighters in Orange County has a long road to recovery ahead of him. The executive director of OSI Bird of Prey, Center Peggy Chase, says the bird has a pretty traumatic injury all of his flight feathers. All this primary flight feathers were burned, so he has to stay with us until he completely mode. So that'll be sometime next summer. Day says the owl was probably looking for food when he got the burns. All evacuation orders and warnings have been lifted for the wildfire near Yorba Linda, and she no hills that fires now 23% contained with more than 14,300 acres burned. The fire started Monday and has destroyed one house in damage. Seven others Hurricanes Dade has become a major.

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