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Bison. More Information on Voting is available at D. M v. Colorado d. M v dot colorado dot com Backslash icon Colorado The deadline vote is February 5th. Was that website again? Sausage, sausage, backslash. Sometimes somebody says mouth Snapple's I just want to say, bless you 707 on Colorado's morning news money news ahead as we get some clues today on the financial road ahead that with Pat in just a few minutes and sports with BK is the abs get a much needed win all that straight ahead. First, Let's straight ahead of you. Well, slick roads and cold temperatures. John Morrissey, How's it going out there? Oh, yeah. This is one of those days that you're thinking man July swimsuit, fresh cut grass and not seen any of that. Today. It is a frigid morning. It is a slick morning. We've gotta stall semi in your way clogging up eastbound I 70 approaching. I 25 also a Christ heading out toward liquid on westbound Sixth Avenue and shared it And in the bed, Fred Sports Traffic Senator crashed south and I 25 in jail. That's back in your back to Evans. It is a slower than normal. Dr. Fog is a big problem this morning in some areas, and it's freezing fog really slicking up to drive, But I could see that basically you drive is 5 10 15 20 Miles an hour slower than it is on a normal morning, And that's good because you could run into a slick drive even on the highways. The trucks have been out all night long working as hard as they can, but some of the stuff they put down on the roads on a normal storm. Doesn't work when it gets this cold. So it's a pretty tough drive both sides of 2 70 heavy across Commerce City, you've got a lot of freezing fog up toward the Platteville area on 85, also north of the 4 70 Northwest Parkway on that I 25 drive as you go up past theories, Akono end up toward Frederick and Firestone. This report is sponsored by Honorable Audible delivers the best audio entertainment All in one app choose a plan.

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