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Happy to be with you to talk some ontario rain hockey. this season. Jarod shafran and josh schaeffer. We're also the broadcast team for the rain. But josh this is going to be fun a little podcast and we get to delve deeper into some of the personalities. The team and and the people around the team looking forward to to jumping off here. Yeah it was a good start to the season. Two exciting starts to the season that seems four and one through their first couple games so a good start to the season could start to the podcast. We already have a pretty pretty big time. Guest episode one. Yeah we'll be joined by. Richard seeley the general manager of the rain in our first episode. I think we figured you gotta start at the top when you when you start off the new season You know. I always want to say it. And we'll continue to say throughout the year but you know if you have suggestions if you if you're a listener or fan of the team and you want to hear from somebody specific let us know. I think we want to try to have as much interaction as possible with our fans in our listener so definitely feel free to reach out. If you're looking for something specific but yeah we figured we we gotta start off with the general manager here from the top about go are exactly and who we need to hear from but yeah you mentioned josh. Four in one outstanding start. I don't think you could ask for anything better. And i just go back to keep going back to this conversation that had before the season started with john wroblewski as a coach. I think he was excited to see the home fans and see the crowd but us also a little worried. If the teen didn't start off good it was gonna be. Oh here. We go again like what happened last year. And there's no practice time into beginning to fix things so it you're going into it a little bit blind but the team may the staff proud here at the beginning of the season. Yeah you get five home games in a row you get the five game homestand anything. Okay great so you get five games in a row..

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