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Our community college students or our law students why not lift them off why not keep the bar where it is and put more effort into getting them their gary shannon's more horn if i am 640 more stimulating john and ken show john kobelke shipu kfi am 640 we've got a goodie right after the 5 o'clock news we are hannity we have we hit brand new audio believe it or not to of the big political targets on the john and ken show now for weeks have been la city councilman mike ben idea bannon and state senator josh newman whose under recall effort they actually got together at a political barbecue over the weekend and talked about let us our efforts against them our audience we have three clips to play of the two of them talking you will love it i haven't heard this i only have the outline of what they're saying so go all the new for un die bobby surprise together here yes than apparently in one clip mike ponding actually talks about his lien reduction policies and the anger directed towards him yeah untaes fantastic also we should mention after we play the clips a at least briefly that s someone figure it out the false the test expect might bond and is pushing how they determined which areas would have the lanes ripped out yet on based on traffic deaths and injuries well well they came up with a fake distorted formula in order to justify replacing carling's with bike lanes so little let the categories are your die inside a car you're injured inside a car a car crash era pedestrian your bicyclist who do you think one that one yeah a bicyclist in terms of being greeted the mall most and other study a bicyclists getting hurt is considered three times worse than a driver getting killed think about the ccording to a points system that they created in order to justify replacing driving lanes with bike lanes so which what we toy hold you yesterday don't believe their statistics or their data it's fake it's falsified its propaganda that's what we're dealing with fight this news from the trump administration and a crackdown on.

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