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Which she funded. My grand held a family have a child from the Detroit area, which is where I'm from. And I'm continuing my work with them so that we can help other families that want to have a baby. She says she doesn't think money should be a limiting factor for people who want to explore non traditional ways to bring a child into the world. He and Crawford WTO news. Expo in D.C., would you move for your job? What if that job was on Mars? Well, that's the premise of a new show at signature theater called no place to go. It's a really crazy, wonderful story that's a little absurd, a little heartwarming, actor Bobby Smith plays George who must decide whether to move to Mars for his corporate job, which would mean uprooting his family and giving up his life as a playwright and composer in New York City. Trying to maintain his apartment and his wife and his cats and dogs and his career in the arts when his job goes away. As George daydreams in his office a band appears on stage for funny fantasy sequences. It's got a soul number. It's got the blues in it. It's got like a country song. It's all of these different American songs through his fantasy. Find out more on WTO P dot com. Jason for AWT will be news. Money news at 25 and 55, let's take you to Ann mos two. This is the Bloomberg money minute, apple crops are going to vary this fall as weather patterned swing wildly across the country. In Washington state the apple harvest is expected to be a bit lower this year due to the long cold spring. In the northeast, a severe drought is killing trees and the harvest is expected to be down about 11%. Our apples are pretty resilient as a crop, unless you have brand new trees, they have a pretty substantial root system. We have irrigation ponds, and we've been working hard at keeping our trees watered. Chelsea Martin owns and runs Apple orchards in Massachusetts where she's expanded her business to include hay rides and a petting zoo. Apples are probably

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