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It's very much left open to the audience, make up their own mind about where this is governed because she makes decisions. But she also does things that you completely agree with and but isn't you'll never told whether that's the case you're sort of just going along with it and and making up your own mind. Absolutely. And it's such a relief, isn't it? Not to know. That you're going to know everything right from the start is a great relief to me to see something like that. Because I, I do sometimes like going to see things that do have a very clear formula. I'll enjoy going along for that ride. Truly, I, I'm a very good audience for that. But this is more like I mean, in a sense, it's like a foreign film. White is show to have subtitles because you think. I'm not used to seeing this kind of thing in a language is me, you know, because it's proper complex, very, very. Subtle were. Mccune, of course, is the master of that kind of understanding of the way in which he presents human beings. So often so true to us. We also complicated and that's why we get relief from stories that make us feel simpler makers feel more comfortable about ourselves. And this story just happens in that area where you you, you can't be comfortable, but you're so right about her her job. This is where it was. Some people have been set me a will issue Hollick driven. No, the job is the driving force in this because in the law, if you're a lawyer, you can choose to work. You can choose to be driven, you can and you can earn lots of money when you undertake to be a judge. You take a cut in pay. You become a public servant your on a rotor. So you you work in a completely different way. You'll responsibilities are different and they're, they're very high, those responsibilities and the women. I know in that. Position, take them extraordinarily seriously and the the amount of work is beyond belief. So when you see coming in having just delivered a judgment about conjoined twins, she'll be the, you know that there'll be a lot of projected hate and transference onto her. She has to deal with all of that emotional transference as well. And she walks into the how she takes his shoes off. An immediately starts work on the next case because she's got no choice because she's the duty judge for the weekend. She has to keep working. She has to keep thinking she has to keep on putting information into our head and then rearranging it according to what kind of judgment she's going to deliver, which involves her emotions, which involves her morality, which also involves everything that she's learned that stuff. She's put into a brain through all the years of loss minutes just beyond my comprehension, but I loved trying to inhabit that. And then of course you think more. Where would you put your your heart? How especially since when you sit in judgment, you literally sit above everyone. That was so interesting you're sitting, you're looking down, you have this overview on everyone. And of course you feel. Like a God, and then you come step down from that and you sit in front of your significant other who says something very. Personal and difficult and wounding, and you have none of your protection and you have none of your defenses and you can't deal with it. I actually I in some ways. I think she can't hear it all, see it. Yeah, I think that was that was one of the things that you know, because it is a complex film and I think that you describe how difficult her job is judge. And I sort of think that. What I was struck by watching that is that if that job is so difficult and so challenging that if you hadn't allowed it to occupy every minute of every day, you probably almost neglecting your GT the importance of what you're doing. That's right. And so she's up against the demands of our relationship. And obviously, your sympathy goes to her husband played by sunny to choose a great in it as well, who is obviously very much in love with her..

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