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Surgery the holidays are here. And so the hassles of gift buying but not this year. Hi, I'm Warren stroll founder of my photo where I've invented a crazy easy. Crazy fast way to turn that amazing photo on your phone into the best holiday gift ever. All you need to do is Email a special photo to radio at my photo dot com. And in seconds. You'll get an Email back from us with that photo previewed. An amazing photo products made out of wood metal and glass, including our new holiday ornaments. You can easily order right from that Email. It's free to see and there's no obligation. Just Email any photo to radio at my photo dot com. What better holiday gift for your friends and family? Then turning photo. They love into a timeless gift order today and it will arrive in five days or less plus order right now and you'll get an exclusive intro offer. Go ahead Email that photo to radio at my photo dot com. That's radio at my photo dot com. -cluded the times investor com or the information filed with the securities and Exchange Commission admitted you probably want to eat healthy. But getting enough organic fruits and vegetables into your diet everyday is not only time consuming it's expensive. That's why Texas SuperFood. We've created a blend of the best USDA organic vine, fruits and vegetables powerful. Enzymes in probiotics and energizing herbs all in a convenient capsule or powder? We call it Texas SuperFood complete organic. Hi, I'm naturopathic doctor Dennis black, and I invented texassuperfood almost twenty years ago with one goal in mind to help people like you who lead busy lives. Get the all natural nutrition that every one of us needs and deserve. Serves. So if you can't won't you don't eat all your Gani, fruits and vegetables every day Texas SuperFood complete organic makes eating healthy easy. See our full line of quality nutritional products that Texas SuperFood dot com or call us at eight five five Texas fifty five that's eight five five.

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