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Which would have contained is so a drone a highpowered cameras system mounted on an airplane that proponents in a and opponents both described as a dvr for real life he will get drink third to square mile area the cameras oprah much in terms of close up details depends on the altitude but do allow h c distract people's will over several hour period so as they were looking to get something on board and have eyes in the sky and basically be ah on drone patrol down in miami in the public uh doesn't like that so they've it they've had to withdraw and pull back but you know were militarising police department's this is happening all over the country police departments are you know we already know that they've in though the geared up a tactical vehicles there swat teams are now a look like paramilitary more than a swat team in it's it's it's a whole new game in delta in our since nine eleven yelled that's been living tire in a progression here so now they wanna put surveillance planes in the skies over us citizens um uh i don't know at at at at don't think alike get too much myself either so a good on the miami public to uh to get out there in and uh and get the shutdown in the speech ah sweet given it kirkwood community college in cedar rapids iowa the president said that his upcoming infrastructure plan will include expanding broadband internet access in rural areas the yes no i'm big on wanting to promote a basically folks enroll merrick had to be able to get highspeed internet.

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