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Grass Lake and Route 83. Also in Elgin, at Fleetwood and Amanda Circle. I'm Vicky Cuckoos in from the idea Traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. President Trump has signed a $2.3 billion funding and stimulus bill, averting a government shutdown. We have more from news nations, Glenn Marshall this week there was hope that Americans could see $2000 in relief funding coming from the government, the president said. It's what he wanted, but he signed the bill without changes being made issuing $900 billion in pandemic relief. Some Americans can expect to see $600 coming their way if they make less than $75,000 a year and $1200 for couples making less than 150,000 year. Another $600 payment will be made for every dependent child like the first round of payments from the spring. The bill also provides a $300 payment for unemployment benefits for up to 11 weeks through mid March. Now Congress will be pushing ahead today, with the House expected to vote to override the president's veto off the annual defense bill that confronts the president on another big issue in the final days of this session, and the Senate is expected to follow tomorrow. A TNT is making progress and round the clock efforts to restore service cut off by the Christmas Day bombing and Nashville. The company had widespread outages in Tennessee and other states after the bomb and the RV went off and exploded near its facilities in downtown Nashville CEO Jeff McKell Frisch said in a statement 96% of its wireless service Had been restored friends and family of a 33 year old father, who was killed in a car jacking a remembering his life. This week. Yesterday, a prayer vigil for Shway Guang was held one was shot in the chest on Monday of last week by a 16 year old trying to steal his car in Bridgeport. Yesterday. Hundreds attended the vigil. He's outraged. And now a four year old son is gonna have his without his dad. You know forever. This really is gonna hit the motions of a lot of the residents of the community. Mr. Growing, refused to give his keys to the teenager.

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