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That's sort of ventures out into video content. Yeah, I feel like he the rocket is essentially dialed in Dallas, Brayden creation, sort of. Yeah, exactly where he was bored. Yeah, like I feel like. When I feel like if I were to catch the Saugus rocket walking down the street, that guys in full Uni ready like it at any point in time, he could be ordering food in line somewhere and is ready to fell off a three, two slider. No, yeah. Yeah, there's there's no doubt the rocket. The rocket is something else, but he's more of like a Sirius XM creation on starring nine. I like to actually be universal level playing field baseball fan and when yeah, and then there's, there's the tip bay rays are an interesting case because of their surroundings. So you look at how many games back there in the division you're like, oh, here's an unassuming non-threatening baseball team that's just simply incorrect. So I guess sort of when I started to look at the Tampa Bay rays in everyone's like all the Red Sox swept by the raise. Weren't you like Chirpin Yankee fans getting swept by the race? Yeah, because. At the beginning of the year when the Red Sox were just collecting winds from everyone, not just the Tampa Bay rays when were beating the raise, the Yankee fans like, oh, well, you know, they suck those a free winds, you beat a real team, I think. Have you looked at the their their actual team? They're pretty good. Okay. We'll know they're the raise. They suck. You're just used to saying that the race suck. They don't suck. If you look at the overall major league baseball standings, the Tampa Bay rays are most comparable to the Philadelphia Phillies we've been talking about for Bazeley just say you're the Tampa Bay rays or an NL potential playoff team? Yes. Is Tampa Bay rays or in the National League. They are contending for the ill west division. They are contending for the east division, and they are middle of the pack fledgling in the central. But they're, they're in the conversation. If they're they're in the fucking ale situation. Crise. Yeah. So you you look at this damp obey raise team. They lost on Tuesday night. The dodgers won. So they're, they're now a game back of the dodgers, but they actually went into Tuesday night tied with the dodgers and the Phillies. So this is a pretty good baseball team. There are a lot of fun to watch and I don't know how came off, but I was at Fenway maybe like a week or two ago is when Tampa was in town for weekend series. And I saw my guy rocko ball, deli. He's he's walking out walking in and I see Rocco and we're talking. We're catching up and like, you know, the razor actually a pretty good team like you guys don't get enough credit for how good the rays are like kinda came off as a backhanded compliment like everyone thinks guys suck, but you're actually, that's, that's all I took it right now me. Yeah. But as just like I was coming to a realization of a head in front of Rocco be like, yeah, you know, you're. You. A lot of people don't really give you the credit for it, but pretty good. Fuck team realization should have been, you know, this fucking chronic fatigue guy might smack the fuck out right now. I might wanna real that in Secondly. Yeah. Well, fuck it race. Not not a bad squad because remember this is when I had to say about the Tampa Bay rays at the very beginning of the year. The good news is you guys can't cancel the schedule. That's the good news is you guys will be playing Paul in September, and I even said whether it's meeting for baseball or not, I doubt it, but you'll be playing baseball in September, and let's be real. Is it meaningful in terms of where you're headed at the end of this month?.

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