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Erred ones visit came an international condemnation of the recent Turkish offensive into northern Syria which Turkey launched after president trump abruptly withdrew US troops from the area clearing the way for the offensive speaking alongside aired one from the oval office trump said Wednesday the only U. S. troops remaining in eastern Syria were there to protect oil we're keeping the well we have the oil the oil is secure we left to troops behind only for the oil president trump also claimed he'd spoken with Kurdish lead Syrian democratic forces who he said were very satisfied with the change in US policy the crime is directly contradicted by STF commander Muslim Abdi tweeting during aired one Donald Trump meeting Turkish forces launched fierce attacks on predominately Christian town of til temor causing massive displacement of the residents in clear violation of the ceasefire agreement Kate tweeted in the Gaza Strip Palestinians have agreed to a tenuous ceasefire with Israel's military Israel launched its biggest attacks on the territory and months after the ceasefire took effect overnight at least five rockets were launched from Gaza prompting air raid alarms in southern Israel or one million Israeli children were ordered to remain at home several Israelis reported minor injuries from falling rockets diss health ministry says thirty four Palestinians were killed with dozens more wounded among the dead were eight members of a single family including five children who were crushed to death when Israeli airstrike flatten their home the bombing a rock did after Israel bombed the home of a senior member of the Palestinian group Islamic Jihad Tuesday killing the commander and his wife and injuring their children in Mexico City excel Bolivian president evo Morales said Wednesday he's willing to return to Bolivia to join a national dialogue after he was forced by the military to step down Sunday and what he's described as a U. S. backed coup detente moralis blame the Washington DC based organization of American states the OAS for his ouster saying it falsely accused his government of vote tampering in last month's presidential election.

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