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It is Tuesday, December 15th, and this is all things considered. I'm married Louise Kelly and I'm Elsa Chang this hour paying people to move during the pandemic. We really saw people re evaluating the lifestyle and what they saw was important and we felt that we needed to take advantage of that. Even if you're staying put, it can be tough making relationships work during a pandemic. After everybody maybe gets vaccinated. People will still be like I'm wearing a mask. Don't touch me. I'm wearing gloves. We're not doing this because this has now been imprinted into Ordina. Plus and you film about an ultra marathon in Mexico's Copper Canyon. The race has brought fame and problems to the people who live there now news Live from NPR News. I'm Jack's fear President elect job buying plans to name former EPA administrator Gina McCarthy as his domestic climate coordinator. NPR's Scott Tetro explains. McCarthy will head the Biden administration's efforts to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade by then had already tapped former Secretary of State John Kerry as his international climate envoy. Now Gina McCarthy will serve as carries US counterpart. Like Carrie, She's a former Cabinet secretary with Massachusetts roots and someone who brings years of work on climate change to the job. As EPA administrator. McCarthy oversaw the Obama administration's efforts to shift electricity generation away from fossil fuels and to renewable energy. That effort was blocked by the U. S Supreme Court and ultimately undone by the Trump administration. Biden has made it clear lowering emissions will be a top priority. He set a goal of making the energy sector carbon neutral in 15 years and the entire US economy carbon neutral by 2050. Scott Dentro. NPR NEWS Washington President Electro Biden will be sworn in outside the U. S Capitol building along with Vice President elect Kamila Harris on January 20th, but we'll look a bit different than the usual event due to the Corona virus pandemic. Inauguration planners and the Biden team calling on people not to come to Washington, D. C to witness the moment in person by his team release broad details of the event today, hoping to put together an event that captures the grandeur of historic ceremony while not putting people at risk. California Governor Gavin Newsom today is warning the state is facing the most challenging and difficulty surge yet in terms of the Corona virus pandemic in parts of the state hospitals, air running out of intensive care beds and nurses to staff thumb as NPR's air question about reports With ICU beds filling up Governor Newsome says Hospital staffing is the number one challenge. The state has requested federal help, including 200 Department of Defense Medical workers and is again asking retired healthcare workers to consider returning. Hospitalizations from covert 19 have recently shot up nearly 70% and the daily death rate is steadily climbing as well. 163 people we've lost on average every single day 142 yesterday. Compare the seven day average one month ago. 41 Newsome calls the start of vaccine distribution the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, but underscores that the nation's most populous state is still very much in the tunnel. Requester Veldt. NPR news negotiations on Capitol Hill over a coronavirus relief build appear to be picking up steam. With time running out before lawmakers leave town in the year ticks down. Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Another top lawmakers have any day discuss yet another pair down relief measure, there's one reportedly dishing a controversial liability waiver for business favored by Republicans. Stocks gained ground amid some optimism of a coroner. Virus talks. The Dow was up 337 points. The NASDAQ rose 155 points. This is NPR. Life from KQED News. I'm terrorist. Siler. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to extend covert 19 protections for residents in single room occupancy hotels or SA rose. The ordinance requires the Department of Public Health to test every resident oven s arm s R O. If one resident test positive, it's a provision that DPH disagrees with. Citing privacy concerns and limited testing resource is for the city Supervisor Aaron Peskin supports the provisions. I believe that it is important and that information for the rest of the tenants in the building without identifying Positive case is actually helpful to stop the spread. City data show that close to 700 SA ra residents have tested positive for the coronavirus. Seven have died. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is scheduled to take its winter break tomorrow, but one supervisor is calling for a special session to deal with the economic fall out from the county's latest health order. San Francisco issued a stay at home order December 4th before reaching the state's criteria of limited ICU capacity, which would trigger the state restrictions. Supervisor Matt Haney says the order has led to hundreds of workers being laid off or furloughed. There were no additional loans or grants that were given to businesses in recent weeks. And the Board of Supervisors should not be going on a nearly one month break at a time when small businesses and workers are literally begging for us to do something to help them. President board President Norman He has said he would call a special session as needed during the break..

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