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July they should just call it July fast. Honestly, but I guess. I guess we're not that port. Yeah, right. High Five Kathy Bates Have No. No, don't hang. Kathy all right. You know I talk about hot dogs a lot, but my I love is a child was ever humble. PATS messy because it was the only piece of bread that I couldn't be expected to take the filling out of before I, ate it when I was just a Zygote in my mother's room I I actually requested a I couldn't even eat the I literally had mouth, but I just knew I love pretzels before I, even had a pretzel anyway. Here and since I I've been around, too many of the regulars for too long so just to remind myself that I am famous. I'm just GONNA. Climb into this guideline just flowed over this fast for a little bit for years and okay. This down okay looking down. So then she loves the of course, and then she goes over to pig heads I mean. This shows just trying to trigger me at this point. Okay, it's like a big, a big grill full of pig heads and. I call refers to baby pick while also so well I. as called the so here's what it was, so i. she goes. Oh the guy's name call. Yeah, no, she goes, there will the thing. Is The peekaboo called and the spawn I. Forget what the spawn was. Oh! Baby pig. Pama goes Sir much of German. Culture has been integrated into American culture. It's hard to believe that we actually need a festival I mean look at all. These idiots walking around. Cancel it. Let's close it down. Okay done. It's other you'll ever. So, she's like. How much does the pig had? He's like fifteen dollars and she has. That's pretty cheap for someone's head. Wow, that's almost as expensive as one apple. So she eats some baby had and. so tender, and then the ladies that Gavitt skimp, nice and crispy..

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