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So this time out, I got to talk with LP and killer Mike of run the jewels who have made one of the hardest craziest and most politically charged hip hop albums of the year. Although actually you could pretty much say that for any year in which run the jewels puts out an album. That's still the early June release. This one which is called run the Gills. Four felt a little deeper coming as it did just weeks into the protest marches that spread around the country and around the world after the killing of George. Floyd by the police in Minneapolis run the jewels for has been rightly hailed as a an album that catches the mood of that moment in fact killer Mike told me that he's heard from protesters around the country who've taken up one song from the album. It's called walking in the snow as something of an anthem on their marches. Marches and in that track Mike Talks at one point about the TV news showing a man like him, that is a black man choked out by the police. While whispering the words I can't breathe. Which of course were the exact words used by both George Floyd this May Eric Garner six years before that, so the sand fact is that walking in the snow is a song that both describes a system that's been broken in deadly for a very long time and a song that feels like it was written ten minutes ago in reaction to what's happening right now. Is Killer Mike and LP told me run the jewels. Four was actually recorded last year. The original plan before the pandemic was to release the album in the spring, and for run the jewels to go out on the road with. The machine who were slated for a reunion GIG coachella now, l. p. comes out of the nineties underground hip hop scene in New York. He was in the trio company flow, and he was also a Co. founder of the crucial indie label Def jocks killer Mike is from Atlanta he earned. His nickname is a battle rapper and he made his recorded debut in. In two thousand, nine, a cut from the outcast classic Stankonia, the two of them began working together about a decade ago, when L. P. was slated to produce a couple of tracks on a killer, Mike. Solo album called rap music. Mike Kurd would elvia done and convinced him to produce the entire album and part of what their partnership in run the jewels. Is How the Internet is just about a race any space in between whatever we call alternative in mainstream hip hop i. mean we live in an age when music can come from anyone anywhere with her without a label and it can sound like anything around the Jewish. Track might be futuristic, or it might be an old school. Throwback might start out with some New York experimental rock, and then shift into a southern syrupy style on run the jewels four, the the guests include two chains and ferrall on the one hand Josh Hami from Queens to the Stein Agents Act Arocca from rage against the machine on the other, and this is music that does whatever it wants in the same way their. Their music doesn't sound like just one thing they're songs. Don't stay in just one place. These guys can move rapid fire from Shit, talking to heavy thinking with a lot more in between, there's a fair amount of humor on run. The jewels for the album is set up as episode. Four of a ridiculous fictional television show across between I. Don't know the a team in Dukes of hazzard. Maybe it's that cop show that the Beastie boys were starring in the sabotage video. Whatever it is, it's about two anti heroes on the run fighting against crooked cops, and it's called Yankee in the brave, which is a reference to the Yankees and Atlanta braves, baseball caps that LP and killer Mike Wear. But the the final track on the album is called a few words from the firing squad, and it goes somewhere more emotional than these guys have gone before. Lp told me about how originally he planned to put drums on this track. What you're hearing is almost what they started with and ONC- in killer. Mike began putting verses down in talking about the women in their lives and their core values. He decided against tinkering with it. I didn't want to take away from anything Mike was saying they want to take away from anything. I was saying overproducing it. It needed to be something that felt. Really clear and felt and felt really powerful because I think that It demanded it. You know what we were saying as Jamie and Mike needed to be front and center and needed to be heard so LP and killer. Mike talked in depth about that song, and they also talked about how they've tried to keep their businesses run the jewels, and also the other side businesses outside of music that they've started. Keep these things going during the pandemic. And most importantly about how and why they work together. Here's what else they.

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