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It's a quiet time. It's not an active time. And the last thing I do with puppies. That are in this state is I legally shown them I will spray the leash down with an anti chew product. Or even dip it in it. If it's thin leash. And then I will let them drag that around when they are out with me, and I can supervise them that way. If they start to get into something. I don't have to attempt to grab them. Because when the puppies are in this mood, if you try to grab their caller, they're just as likely to turn around start to mouth view, and now everything's escalated in your frustration, the puppies frustrated, but if I can just pick up the leash the puppies now chewing on a table lake say, I will pick up the leash. I'll back away BUSTER come. Good puppy. Good. Very good. I'll do a simple set of when the puppies com. I'll go try to get them interested in a toy or I can keep them next to me in practice a long guided down, which is explained in the book, my smart puppy because if the puppy is rested, and they're just feeling restless tiring their brain out is much more effective than tiring. Their body out. Now, exercise is important. I'm a big fan of it. But if you're puppies sort of at loose end of few simple sits in a row a few guided down a little bit of space game work, and you will see the puppy calm down. And settle in a way that a run may not all right? So those are three things you can think about with your new puppy pay attention to how much sleep they're getting. They may well need more don't expect them to sleep outside of the crate, especially got kids cause just like a toddler. They will try to stay awake. And they don't want to miss anything. They'll get up and go in go in the go until they're exhausted when they're exhausted they're little Parana. So you watch the clock and you start thinking around eighteen hours, plus minus a giant freed absolutely eighteen hours or more for the first six or seven months. They're just growing at extrordinary rate and you calmly in kindly put them in the crate, it is not a punishment. They won't hate the crate that is just where they need to go for them to settle and the rule with the children the house, a puppy in the crate is a puppy that is left alone. Do not wake him up for Pokomo product or talk to or wiggled a crate or any of those things leave them alone. Let them sleep the next one have.

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