Montemars, Sir Dominic Point, Basketball discussed on The Starters - Monday, July 10 - Baller Style!


We gun after the raptors in nagas game of that a fiveman physics negative liggett awvisa around the everywhere that will pay comes back to montemars for us which answered ipaula very sour blind martymorris for montemorris to serve dominic point zero the that nba some really fantastic that this man named sir dominic point didn't know his name before you know it now because of that jammer czeslaw any point sirjuliuschan play the day right there now it's time for the thing we'd really like to squeeze in here has nothing to do with basketball well sort of joy got out of the home run derby that's him in the salmon shirts so what did he do dropped the drafted by the moslem a he got another one with whoa actual baseball wa it is not that is yes that is an actual baseball and he actually got a second one is wow all right guys let's take a quick look at tomorrow matvtv summer scheduled here from vegaswe've got the spurs in the blazersbulls in the wizardspete in the mavericks as that of course starters on following the final game and this is crazy to say but tomorrow night is our final show wow for some reason i it's.

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