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Well, also doing very well for themselves if they refocus some of their efforts into plant base meat and clean mate, really excited by Email that I got from Berkeley professor in the plant sciences department. And she said that she came to the conference just sorta to explore what was happening and she walked away completely enthused and talking about how she will be educating students about this and encouraging them to take the class, we designed Berkeley and. Based meat and clean meat and to think about focusing their careers here, and that was just replicated over and over and over again with people that really big food companies people who are in therapy Dicks who are in crop sciences who are thinking about chemical engineering and the chemical engineering currently in the food industry and other thinking about plant based meat and clean meat and how they can plug in. It's very exciting. That's cool. So yeah, you guys created or behind the very first. College course on clean, meet right? And is out of Berkeley, Berkeley. And we're launching when this semester at Stanford Penn State. We've got a Mook that will be coming out in the next six weeks massive on open. Online course. Okay. So it will be an eleven an eleven week sort of crash course implant base meat and clean mate. And it seems like it's it's a subject matter that really is multidisciplinary in right because you have to understand chemistry. You have to understand cell biology. Like, you have to understand engineering, you have to understand, I don't know brewing. What do you need to understand to really wrap your head around what clean meat is?.

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