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Pretty much played out the way I. told. Everybody would. But you know even with the Connor fight the bill that floyd struggles of power punchers floyd struggles with southpaws. He's fought boxers not fighters connor could be the guy. He is the belief in himself, and of course, it just never happened we all a lot of people bought into it. We all bought into it. And then floyd did what he did in the narrative in this fight. Is Habib's never fought a guy with the wrestling pedigree of adjusting e.? Who by the way is nickname is the highlight. For reason, he could chop you down with those absolutely ferocious leg kicks and he can knock you steph. So it really is a fascinating fight that I'm very much looking forward to. We'll be talking a lot about this event on the show we have throughout the week as well. If you missed between the links are Jed Michou took on Aaron Brown Center. The fight, the card. These two guys had differing opinions on pretty much everything a crazy episode highly recommend you go back and get the different takes on that fight in that event. So let's just get right into this thing. Let's run down the line up and get right at it. Right after this thing, wrapping up this week is Casey. Kenny takes on the Daniel would this Saturday at UFC two, fifty four he joined us from Abu Dhabi to preview that fight to talk about some of the predictions that Nathaniel would had for the fight where he goes with the win as he's looking to make to go on this particular trip to the island. Always Great. Chatting with one of the bright up and comers at one, hundred, thirty, five pounds, of course, this fight between and would will take place at a catch weight of one hundred and forty pounds also competing on Saturday Lauren Murphy makes her what the heck debut she was originally scheduled to face Cynthia cal vio on this card and a potential title title eliminator. Excuse me at one, hundred, twenty, five pounds you know by now Calvia tested positive for cove nineteen. So now or in is going to face newcomer Lilia Shack Arava on the main card Lucky Lauren. We'll discuss that fight just got androgynous win over Kayla Kagan this past weekend and much more. We'll also be joined. By Jon, Anik, it'll be the lead voice calling the action to preview some of the big story lines heading into Saturday night he will be here and I will warn you. The WIFI in his hotel room. Not Great not great for the Audio Spine and a little over halfway through we switched to his phone, and for some reason, it worked way better like LAPTOP HIGH-QUALITY LAPTOPS No. Good on the Wifi, a little tiny cell phone apparently that works way better. So we're able to figure that out. It's a great Chad. I just asked kindly to bear with us, Airways the WIFI issues over there because Johnny is the man he'll join us in around twenty minutes or so. But I, let us put a bow on this past weekend's UFC fight island six event. James Krause is about to join US and As you know through the history of the show it's been a couple of times. It is not often and we get fighters on back to back weeks but since his win over Claudio Silva. On Saturday we over at EMI fighting. have been talking about something that stuck out and.

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