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I'm David Brancaccio in New York known infections from the corona virus in China reached forty five hundred a sixty percent increase in a day now Hong Kong is putting strict limits on travel to and from the mainland more than a hundred have died in China the U. S. said yesterday people in the U. S. should quote reconsider travel to China more international companies today are releasing their quarterly results in outlooks for this coming year could be affected by the corona virus and some of those forecasts are being altered today we'll hear from Starbucks and apple here's market place's Kristin Schwab for American companies doing business in China Nick sat here on with one push security says there's nothing to do for now but wait there's nothing in terms of the business outlook that really they can change there's going to have to absorb the impact such in says that might eat into profits in the short term but it could also give the brand a chance to build goodwill in its second largest market by showing Chinese customers it cares about employees and I think they're going to come out of this stronger apple has other concerns Frank Gillette Forrester says for now the company is probably most worried about its supply chain if a factory pauses for a couple of days a couple of days the airplanes are caring supply the night it states its factories are forced to shut down apple may have to move some of its production elsewhere but again analysts say it would take months for most companies profits to be affected one company that may be seeing an immediate impact three Adam one of the world's biggest makers of face masks I'm Kristen Pham for market place but about last quarter there's news today three Ms profits did not meet expectations and the stock is down nearly four percent Fizer said today its quarterly sales were lower with its losing exclusivity on its pain medication Lyrica the stock is down nearly four percent they're checking the broader indices the Dow Jones industrial average is up two hundred thirty one point eight tenths of a percent the S. and P. up one percent the nasdaq up one point two percent US consumer confidence for January came in just now much higher than expected the highest since August marketplace morning.

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