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Yeah and it's like i feel like it was such a common trope that like i'm sure it still happens where the parents or the teachers or whatever stopped doing this it'll never amount to anything and the big thing used to be like video games where it's like oh if you're a big gamer like you're wasting your life you're never gonna make any money and now there are pro gamers and there are twitch streamers and there's a lot of different ways to make money if you have that passion and you you know know if i had i'm sure i wasn't knowing enough for this but i just didn't have enough people that were honest with me probably but like if i had people that had been like stop obsessing about big brother this is unhealthy you need to like get over yourself and stop talking about it then i'm probably not where i am right now and i like i think we live in a world where it doesn't matter what your passion is like there's always a way to follow it somewhere you know what i mean yeah and it was so it was so great to find a community that was watching the same thing i was because when i started getting back into survivor it was because my brother was like hey i'm watching survivor nicaragua's nellie wedding you sit down and watch with me i said okay sure and then i was hooked and then i went back and watch solid it and then i had no one to talk to about it and then you know and then jeff is like hey listen to this podcast and so i did and then i got hooked and then i started talking to people about it and like.

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