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Bill Handel today, coming up with the top of the hour, the latest on the freeway pellet gun shootings, CHP still stumped by this whole thing. They're trying to figure out how we're into the dozens. Now I think it's high is 80. Incidents of cars being shot at and having the windows blown out while driving along the freeways. Petition to recall George Gascon is officially in circulation. County officials approve the signature gathering effort yesterday to trigger recall. We've got to get a lot of signatures 579,010% of the registered voters in L. A county. I have quick Dump both eras breaking news that it One of the largest master Don finds has been unearthed in Central California Ranger for the East Bay Municipal Utility District, says a worker found a huge trove of fossils, including mastodons. Gum for affairs, which are elephants, but that well, ancestral two elephants, but they had four tusks instead of two and £400 salmon with spikes teeth. And other fossils that have yet to be identified. Holy Hell! Dr Russell Shapiro of the Chico State Department of Geological Environmental Science that says this is highly significant because both the sheer number and diversity of the specimens found Who knew that there were Gumpel fears in California. The Chico State Power is strong this morning. Isn't it feels good. Almost wore my Chico State Church. Well, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo Turns out, he advised his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and senior members of the governor's staff on how to respond to sexual harassment allegations. Cuomo apparently joined a serious of conference calls that included the governor, his top aide, his communications team lawyers in a number of outside advisers. He encouraged his brother to take a defiant position and not to resign from the governor's office. At one point, he used the phrase cancel culture is a reason to hold firm in the face of allegations, Boy. Um Nicholas Lemann is a professor at Columbia at the journalism School. Their New Yorker staff writer, he says, if you're actively advising a politician in trouble while being an on air host on a news network, that's not okay. It's his brother here, something like he said to consult outside consultant. No, it's not okay. If Chris Cuomo then goes on the air and pretends that he's not involved, right, thankfully or, I don't know. Thankfully smartly. The people at CNN do not allow Chris Cuomo to do the story. You cannot do that. He cannot do that, sir, and should never have done any story involving his brother. Do you remember when Antonio Vieira goes is mistress was working at a local TV station and reported the news that Virago so was getting a divorce. Yeah, like she was the anchor who delivered that news. Well, because at the time if I'm not mistaken, nobody at the TV station knew that that was going on Regent. We had to back time and figure it out later. Everybody knows. I mean that But that's a perfect example of how to keep yourself out of trouble, and she didn't at the time. CNN issued a statement saying his involvement was a mistake's Chris has not been involved in CNN's Extensive coverage of the allegations against Governor Cuomo on air or behind the scenes, in part because, as he said on his show, he could never be objective but also because he often serves as a sounding board for his brother. Of course, if my no problem with this whatsoever I have a sister who works for a company in California. That's a not a specific as I'll get. And if she ever came to me because the company was undergoing some weird problem, like a CEO was caught up in a sexual harassment case or whatever, or the, you know, toxic culture stories that we've been doing. And she's asked me about Uh, opinions on how to handle media calls about the sort of thing right? Would absolutely 100% give her up in my opinion on this because she's my sister, my sister. I tell you that part. She's my sister. Of course I would say that. But if it ever came up and we talked about it, I might say to you off the air. Hey, just so you know, I'm real. I'm not going to say anything about this story because I I'm too close to it, or I know people involved with that or anything like that. It's it's weird that they would be so upset that this would be A surprise, perhaps again. Chris Cuomo has every right. I think to advise his brother CNN has every right to tell Chris Cuomo. You cannot say a word about this. Several employees did describe a sense of unease about the role that Chris was playing in advising his brother one even called his decision to do so really upsetting, But I don't know what's the expectation. What do you expect him to do? They told The Washington Post that they were upset. There's a general sense of frustration. Said one on air reporter. I don't think anyone was surprised. They spoke about this given their family, but calls with lawyers and staff. Wow. That's what he's gonna do exactly. What he's gonna do. All right, coming up. Next. It looks like about 70. Big cats have been seized from a couple that was featured in Tiger King where they're gonna put all those cats. How many trucks is it Take to take away 70 Big cats are there more Big cats in Texas than the rest of the world. I'll have the answer for you when we come back. Boy, Gary and Shannon in for Handled today. Jennifer Jones lead with an update on some news. Lisa searching for a guy who's been groping Cal State Northridge students near the campus. This is the latest incident. It happened Monday, A guy approached the student bum behind on a bike, fondled her, then rode off some of the nation's leading infectious disease. Experts say the CBC's new bass guidelines.

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