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On the same day that Hoboken reported an additional seventeen cases bringing the total number there to one hundred eighty four which states all over the country implementing stay at home orders the airlines are still operating in that means flight personnel are concerned and want some basic safety precautions put in place more from KCBS reporter Jennifer Hodges some of the airlines have issued I wearing masks for flight attendants others haven't and in some cases masks weren't allowed on the job until just a few days ago even though we have few passengers on the planes we don't know these people they don't know us we could be cross contaminating that a flight attendant wanted to remain anonymous she's been flying for the past seven years we are exposed to so many different people people aren't tested before they come through TSA people should be at least have their temperature taken before they come through TSA and onto an enclosed aircraft Jennifer Hodges for CBS news San Francisco congregating in church for Palm Sunday not an option Catholics all over the country have taken to the internet to engage in worship archbishop Timothy cardinal Dolan celebrated mass at St Patrick's cathedral without a congregation broadcast live on the archdiocese's YouTube channel he spoke this morning with our Tanya Hanson a dramatic transition from evil to goodness from darkness to light from death to life that came on Easter we're going to need that more than ever really need that more than ever this year because darn it we're not afraid to admit we find ourselves in a lot of darkness now and we need the light St Patrick's cathedral says since they started live streaming services last month hundreds of thousands of people have tuned in W. CBS.

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