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A play do Ryan Bobby Ryan left wing Harper possible. I left weight. Classes speed is a pinball covert counterfeit lightning hitting turn act to the center ice circle. Eric well, jam it is. Chaban the Ottawa neck. Cornered. Harper little feed up near wall. Weizman clear held in turn out right point shocked with wide right to lightning in the second Joseph and proper jostle in the far corner. Joseph looks to drop her covert and got knocked passed him by Baranov at the center ice, Anthony, declare nudges it in to the lighting far corner. Battling with not far corner at Windsor for Anthony, Sara Lee, he'll safely clear at this baby. And icing though, it has enough steamed across the end lines. The lady have some tired guys out there. Seven fifty left to the second leap to one. But if he's known me upcoming you a lightning caught there with just a couple of players below the goal. I Mary Anthony Sorolla doesn't really have any options to move the puck forward on the ice. He wants to get a chain to chip it ahead, but a little too far. And it ends up being an icing against them. So we'll have to stay out there. Joe and Sara Lee to the left of last night. One by Sara Lee, Cockburn far corner for a little time and space cloth speech. Chuck a pass for declare right circle. He is checked by Colbert Sorolla will clear it. Telegraph pass picked it up. No shop back at center ice. Hijo? Cross the blind Anthony declare right circle crowd size and left circle process. Declare it circles topsy lusty chance for the sense following a lightning icing. Dislike I here's left circle left point Paseo right point, CeCe right circle. Magnus pay RV centers at skip through lighting, really needed clear here all point Paseo de Paseo centerpoint moving. Lannon left points points to Chuck a quick wide right on the rebound, right circle. Right circle. Peyote precarity, right circle. Centerpoint Zac Smith. Let circle Landon. The high slot. Tierney under pressure from gourd keep it alive though for will Anna for right circle. Pay RV office kick, Johnny Gordon has room exit to center ice. All the other end line. But fortunately travels down there that would have been another ice cooped up two point left circle. Rights Rueda centers it visit fraud. Point shoot, save eight or sin read that is loose not frozen. It's going to come back to rutta, right circle. A shot blocked. Rebound bounces to Atlanta by that under pressure off up Ruta, right points, right circle. Tropical. Brayden point supplied. Right. Gorlic corner point..

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