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President of the United States and Republicans siding with the Democrats in agreeing that the president incited insurrection in regard to last week's Capitol Hill riots, President Trump putting out of video denouncing violence and accepting no responsibility for his actions across the country. Law enforcement getting ready for next week's inauguration and a joint bulletin national security officials. Warren last week's riot could feel more violence from extremists secure Eddie also being ramped up at all. 50 state capitals. The FBI and homeland security are reportedly most concerned about violence in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania election battleground states. BBC's faith A boob. A president elect Joe Biden will be sworn in next Wednesday. Sherry Preston ABC News The rollout of Kentucky's Phase One B of the Cove in 19 vaccination program is underway. Members of law enforcement agencies and teachers now starting to get the vaccine. The school district's are still awaiting a time when their teachers and staff can be vaccinated. But for many, the opportunity could come as early as the end of the month. In Indiana residents 70 and older and our eligible to get the vaccine. Previously. The minimum age to receive the vaccine in Indiana was 80. There are currently 148 vaccination sites, including at least one in each of Indiana's county's man, while the Health department reports 3686 new cases and 59 new deaths, raising Indiana's death, told 8790 Positivity rate rises to 16.1% the 10th straight day in the Red Zone. I sth has updated its weekly covert risk scores, putting all 19 counties in the high risk red zone. Suzanne Duval News radio 8 40. Wh A Yes. Schedule is shot visit our shot dot I n da Gove or you can call to 11. We are getting some new information this morning on another vaccine, another option coming down the pipeline from Johnson and Johnson that vaccine showing promising results in early trials data from the phase three trial expected by the end of the month, ABC medical contributor. Doctor and I'm Moran Alley tells us the shot uses a more traditional method than the Madonna and Visor vaccines, which gives it some advantages. Unlike the M R, in a type of vaccines that had to be stored in deep, deep freezers with really cold temperatures, this is stable. This uses older technology and you only need one dose. And we will end with Mayor Greg Fischer. He will deliver his annual state of the city address today, typically delivered in person to the Rotary Club downtown. This year, it will be a virtual address. Your next news update is it's 7 30 I'm Will Clark news radio a.

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