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Has rubbed it for the nationals opened in 2022 season with a 5 one loss to the New York mets as Patrick Corbin pitched four innings of 5 hit two run ball with four strikeouts and two walks before Dave Martinez lifted the lefty in the 5th inning It was open days one day Patrick came out through the ball wall And then he ran through a hiccup you all started with a bomb based head and then the walk I've been the walk was the thing that we started looking at and then he hits the camera with two strikes One of three mets hit by pitches on the night including one of the mouth of Pete Alonso that ended his night early the lone Nat score was a WAN Soto home run that took a ride for 428 feet Josiah gray takes tonight's 7 O 5 first pitch opposite Max Scherzer in his return to Nats park After one round of the masters son Jay M leads the way at 5 under good for a one stroke lead over Cameron Smith world number one Scottie scheffler two strokes back at three under tied with Dustin Johnson and Tiger Woods is in the hunt At one under which he says isn't bad Well I did not have a very good warmup I hit it off And I was my dad said did you accomplish a task Did you warm up Yes Go play And that's exactly what I did I blocked it out And I felt like I'm warm Go play let's just go get it done We'll see if he does that on moving day at one 41 The Washington commander said Deandre Carter for all 17 games as a key receiver in return man last season now he's a Los Angeles charger on a one year deal according to multiple reports Rob woodfork WTO sports Rob thank you The top stories we're following at this hour on WTO P the Senate on Thursday confirming katangi Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court but was 53.

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