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Caught and here's here's the evidence knocked down the took points on that note got to do it anyway settlement provides the congregation the necessary zoning approvals on account creation it's a muslim called approval to build the mosque and proscribes other remedy remedial measures the the congregation must still obtain approval from the town and various county and state regulators now here's the good part federal law protects the rights of all religious communities to build places of worship free of discrimination said john gore acting with the doj civil rights division hung this agreement ensures that all citizens of what's called bensalem at has been salem township may freely exercise this important civil right this whole thing started with the obama administration and you right now now got the department of justice under donald trump backing up and supporting uh but says the department intervene of longrunning dispute two thousand sixteen so in other words this was an obama beef and now sessions and the department of justice are standing with the obama administration ruling and standing against the people in pennsylvania and so we don't want to moscow air it's not a religion we don't recognize it as such by the way shouldn't that be the case i mean that freedom all this discrimination what's next you're going to say that we'd already asia uh freedom and we want slavery no no no not at all you know until we call it for what it is uh let's put it this way until they disavow sharia they ate no religion on any level until they disavow sharia by the way keep that question in mind will you disavow sharia run a muslim say for example oh i don't know they'd run for governor in the state of michigan maybe you're on the edge.

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