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Style. We'll start the one of the many properties that you can watch here on. Espn alvarez another goal. This time a header is three. Nothing win her over guarding edson. Now not just a regular in the starting lineup. A regular on the scoresheet yet. Second goal of the season. You know what's interesting is after this goal after this game edson alvarez praising the technical staff how how much he's worked on his technical ability and how much they trust him now with the ball. He's no longer just a destroyer. That's an obvious on the i. S champions league coming up for him. And i this week against that she on tuesday jordan. Be faulk another goal for young boys. Let's make it three straight matches for people with a striker. What do you what my man is. Hot he's lethal in the box. He's so good in the air. You connect so well off. These crosses and he's proven to be that type of forward. We've seen this street from him before. Keep a going. Jordan column written. Just hot man. He's consistent with this. Thirty combined goals assists since joining young boys in late twenty twenty. He has been very very good for them since he got into that lineup. Comcast connection in france for lille hearth timothy ware setting up jonathan david for the first going to win over strasbourg. David would add a penalty later the penalty drawn by none other than timothy whale. What could have been what could have been Jonathan david is lethal. We know this committee way. It needs to play more eh. He's taken advantage. Look at what's he got his head. A war wound draws a penalty both plays ultimately way. Jonathan david the benefactor. He'll take that any day. Hey you mentioned.

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