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California I'm Duane Brown A new poll finds Americans overall income has increased since the coronavirus pandemic but so has inflation The Associated Press poll shows far more people are noticing the higher prices than the pay gains to third say their household costs have risen since the pandemic compared with only a quarter who say their incomes have gone up Speaking from The White House today Brian D's the head of the national economic council highlighted the plunge in unemployment and said inflation is a global problem We also believe that the strength of our economic recovery the strength of our labor market and the strength of wage increases and the steps that we've taken to try to provide some relief to American families position our economy and American households uniquely well to address what is a global issue The number of people filing for unemployment last week fell to the lowest level in 52 weeks as the job market continues to recover New York State attorney general letitia James is dropping her campaign for governor and running for reelection instead From member station W AMC Ian Picasso reports James kicked off for much anticipated bid for governor in October After leading an investigation into sexual harassment claims against then governor Andrew Cuomo fall out from the probe led to his resignation in August Governor Kathy hoku is seeking a full term in 2022 a Siena college poll this week found hoku leading James by 18 points In a statement James says she concluded she must continue as attorney general saying there are a number of important investigations and cases underway The democratic primary field for governor also includes New York City public advocate jumani Williams and Long Island congressman Tom swazi For NPR news I'm Ian pickus and Albany Stocks finished lower after three days of gains on Wall Street This is NPR From W ABE news in Atlanta I'm a meal Moffat it's 5 32 Atlanta's mayor elect Andre Dickens and Georgia governor Brian Kemp say they are working to repair a strained relationship between the city and state the two today had their first in person meeting since last week's runoff election Last year Kemp sued outgoing mayor Keisha Lance bottoms over mask mandates the two slam each other for their respective responses to crime and protests among other issues Dickens offices he talked with Kemp about building their relationship and working together Kim spokes people say the two also discuss crime and economic development Atlanta is dealing with one of the highest inflation rates among major U.S. cities and finance experts say the economic shock of the pandemic could keep prices for things like gasoline and groceries high into 2022 Tom Smith is a finance professor at Emory's goy set of business school Closer look Smith said COVID-19 displaced workers and now supply can't keep up with demand The labor force participation rate for black women has not come back as strongly as let's say for Hispanic women So there's a huge number of people who have been displaced and there's also discrepancies between wages for these groups but the pandemic has exacerbated those differences Atlanta's rate of inflation 7.9% is above the national average according to the bureau of labor statistics Opponents of a proposed spaceport on Georgia's coast are hoping to block the project with a public vote Emily Jones reports Camden county's plan to build a commercial spaceport on an old industrial site has been in the works for years and is currently awaiting federal permits But local critics and the environmental group 100 miles say residents haven't gotten to weigh in enough Megan to roziers is the group's president So their whole issue is that the taxpayers are being strung along by the county commission as they invest more and more money into this boondoggle project She plans to deliver a petition this week signed by 10% of Camden county voters calling for a vote to revoke the county's deal to develop the spaceport land The goal is to trigger a referendum under a provision of the state constitution The county says in a statement that the petition is on shaky legal ground Emily Jones W ABE news There's more local news at our website W ABE dot org This is W ABE news Everyone wonders about the dynamic of a husband and wife music duo on stage on the next city light Popular jazz trombones bob mcchesney and singer Calabria I had their Christmas show at the realtor I fall in love with them all over again when I hear him play She forgot to mention that her father was a trombone player too Hey Jimmy doctor Freud I'm Louis right Join us Friday at 11 a.m. It's all things considered from NPR news I'm Adi Cornish And I'm Mary Louise Kelly Democrats say programs like stimulus checks and the new monthly child tax credit payments are proof that their party can deliver real benefits for all Americans They also say President Biden's build back better bill will do even more down the road But a new NPR marist poll shows that most voters are skeptical of the party's plans and few feel the existing programs help them and peer congressional correspondent Kelsey snow has more Democrats say voters elected them to use their full control of Congress and The White House to transform the federal government President Biden repeated that idea in October when he announced the latest version of his build back better legislation Eugenics.

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