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Indeed, I'm Ashley to Oregon with the FOX celebrity profile on Whoopi Goldberg, and amber Riley, both star in Tyler Perry's latest film. Nobody's fools is her first moving my first film. Oh, well, must be an incredible experience. I fell get the bulls. Passing through the comedy. It also makes some good points. The movie was filmed in just ten days at Tyler Perry's massive Atlanta studios, you can shoot seven different projects. He can himself shoot seven different totally different stories. You can do a Sifi over here. You can do an antebellum film for here. And you can do a road picture over here. I think it's eight sound stages eight or nine sound stages when you realize what he's able to do he had dreams, and he had an understanding of what he wanted and he went for and I can't I can't tell you enough. How brilliant it is. So proud Ashley Dvorkin, Fox News. Okay. If you're not already getting the free commando podcasts. What the heck you waiting for head over to pod net dot com. That's our website that houses all of our podcast or you can find him on apple and Google podcasts on Amazon, Alexa, Spotify rare. We get your podcast and this week. I did a great podcast with a friend of mine by the name of rob Welsh. And he actually host today in Iowa's another podcast. And we talked about the best things about IOS twelve. And then we also get into whether or not apple truly is slowing down your phone. So that you can actually they kind of forcing you to buy a new function. Like oh, gosh. It's so slow I need to upgrade. So again that's Iowa's twelve and then we did another podcast about the dangers of hidden cameras. I mean, wherever you go you are under surveillance. But what about Airbnb in VR be O's? And how do you really check for hidden cameras?.

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