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The Brian Lehrer show on WNYC good morning everyone today we will look at the second coronavirus case here in New York and the communities it is having an impact on combined with a very aggressive measures that China took in Wuhan that suggests how widespread quarantines and other behavior changes around here could potentially become with the Supreme Court hearing another abortion restriction case today will also talk to Katherine Stewart who has a new book about what she calls Christian nationalism in the trump era in the U. S. including how Attorney General William Barr is trying to insert it more into the justice system will start and end the show today with reactions to the absolutely shocking super Tuesday results the Joe Biden search that nobody predicted and the people would have thought was impossible just a week ago after Bernie Sanders one Nevada so convincingly and biting kind of limping along in all of the first three states will discuss super Tuesday with the Massachusetts based reporter right now and a California based one later to bill Smith will give Jimmy all the extra hour of sleep out there west coast time to recover a little before he comes on one of the most surprising super Tuesday results and one of the most disappointing for some Democrats was that Elizabeth Warren came in third in her home state of Massachusetts she got just twenty one percent of the vote there to Bernie Sanders twenty six and Joe Biden's unexpected rise to first place there Biden got thirty three percent part of his national resurgence according to exit polls Biden one among moderates black voters and voters over fifty and Massachusetts looking nationally Warren met the threshold of fifteen percent of the vote needed to gain any delegates in each state in just five of the fourteen super Tuesday states as of the latest count we'll talk now to Jess Bidgood Boston globe national politics reporter she's in Michigan where one receive the results last night and where I'm told Bernie Sanders this morning to Michigan is one of six states that vote next week I just thanks very much for coming on we're in Michigan are you thanks for having me on in Detroit Laura wood before it took the stage last night really before any of the results started coming in so I wanna play a clip of senator Warren from after the South Carolina results came in obviously a big button when there and and then I'll ask you to compare to whatever she said last night here's one on Saturday after referring to the trump presidency as a crisis this crisis demands more than a former vice president who is so eager to cut deals with Mitch McConnell and the Republicans that hill trade good ideas for bad ones and this crisis demands more than a senator who has good ideas but whose thirty year track record shows he consistently calls for things that failed to get done and consistently opposing things that never the last he fails to start school that was Saturday night one was trying to thread the needle there obviously between Sanders and Biden did she make similar statements last night when she spoke last night she she took should I say I think that you took the vehicle for results came in and before polls even closed in most of the country so her in less light actually did not feel very connected with super Tuesday and that may have been intentional of course she is a fairly standard stump speech in front of us very excited crowd of about two thousand people I will say but she did make a few comments that she doesn't usually think on her account news comments concern to this squishy and hard to define issue of electability that has become I think something that she's always struggled she does struggle to put concerns about that that it's a concept certainly that can privilege management and data a male candidates over over female ones but she said what I see happening is a lot of folks trying to turn voting into some kind of strategy she said pundits friends neighbors are all saying you have to second guess yourself she added that pundits have gotten it wrong over and over and urged her supporters to cast a vote that will make you cry out and then it she told the crowd why she was still running for president she said I'm in this race because I believe I will make the best president of the United States and from there she kind of went into this stuff he talks about it every step she makes her background her policies those kinds of things so those are really the only words we've heard from Elizabeth Warren since the end of voting she has not yet made a public statement about last night's results and I've just gotten word from some of her age that she's talking with her team about assisting the path forward but we don't know anything more than that at this point listeners we can take any questions or comments you have about any super Tuesday result at two one two four three three W. NYC two one two four three three nine six nine two we'll take those calls with Jess Bidgood from The Boston Globe right now and we'll have another super Tuesday at the end of the show that's going to be more west coast oriented but we'll be able to talk about anything nationally then as well but for now two one two four three three W. NYC two one two four three three nine six nine two just one thing you just said there is really huge for Elizabeth wind and not to her advantage it's that everybody this year feels they have to be a pundit and not necessarily vote for who they like the **** who they think would be the best president but who they think will be the most likely to be trump in November and I imagine that's working very much to the detriment of Elizabeth wind it might come out fairly differently if people were just voting their preference yes absolutely and this is an issue that she started to take on more directly I would say in about January but she's getting a lot of questions from voters on the trail about people who knew they had people in their lives what's the what's the foreign origin could win and where that's going to vote for someone else and she tried to make the case to voters at that time that they had to that they should go with their heart she she started rolling out this catch phrase hope over fear but I not clear to me that she was able to make that case as actively enough in an environment where as as you say every voter kind of decided that they needed to be a pundit and voters around the country are making their decisions based on their assumptions about what voters in future state might choose or might not want to Q. you know which candidate can I strengthen who I think will then have a good shot of doing well in super Tuesday those are the kinds of questions that voters have been asking themselves and that came that that that can that that made it tricky for for a lot of candidates who who announced presidential runs and and and are you know no longer no longer running and it and it also is making it tricky for for candidates like Warren who are still in the race in the new York times today one of the article says once most ardent supporters said she was unable to overcome the extra hurdles for women running for president the attributed her weak support among non college educated voters to the same sort of biased sees that a bit that badly damaged Hillary Clinton in the twenty sixteen general election against Donald Trump are you hearing the same thing I hear that often yes Elizabeth Warren draws a lot of women it to her advantage and I've spoken with hundreds of them over over the past month and I hear a lot particularly as warrants polling lead began to slip women will say to me I just don't want to see what happened to her or to Hillary happened to her in in their minds they watched a very qualified female presidential candidate who's to president trump and and and that was crashing and I think they are feeling some of that same disappointment about watching a candidate that they believed deeply into that they feel is utterly qualified seating and and and and I did too I think for some of her female supporters particularly this feels like a very crushing moment the exit poll number I saw said one only one a third of her core demographic in her home state white college educated women only a third in Massachusetts of white college educated women have you seen any breakdown on where the other two thirds of those Massachusetts voters want so Massachusetts is is there is no way around it this is a this is a very very tough or salt for Elizabeth Warren even that just a few days ago it seems like it was a two way race for best use that's between her and Bernie Sanders and and and her supporters of her endorsers had been saying in recent days there is no such thing as a must win state they had been they had been kind of predicting their guys might do well because he did very well there in the twenty sixteen primary but I think Biden's surge in Massachusetts took a lot of people by surprise and to me that makes Massachusetts kind of an interesting lad if you will for how our narratives and the power of a small bench him when we hold the doctor Grove and second university and and W. B. easy cheesy Paul Bassett she sets out last Wednesday to Friday I think that whole sided with wave heights warrant Warren and Sanders I have a neighborhood about eleven percent while they were out at twenty two percent for ward twenty four percent for Sanders and I I think what happened in that time is that by the big win in South Carolina showed voters in Massachusetts and around the country give them a reason to say okay this campaign has had some large breasts woman has stabilized we know by then we we see him as someone who could beat trump and I think it gave them kind of a reason to feel comfortable voting for a campaign that has not always made people feel that way and I think that's a big part of where his Massachusetts surge came from and it shows just how powerful this resistance and just how willing to to to change their minds voters have been I've seen data that says that that among voters who made up their mind it's just the past few days I didn't did very well among voters who made up their mind a little bit earlier Sanders did well so Biden has ruled really had had I had a question commented that perhaps just the right moment after a campaign that we're we never guaranteed that that this is going to happen perhaps here's a question from a listener writing on Twitter the question is what is you guessed think about the idea that wanted to staying in to help Bernie at the convention I think there are many reasons that she could do if if if she decides to stay in the there are many reasons that that that she might or might not do so as I said we we know that she's talking to her aides to day and assessing her path forward and if he were to stay in until the convention she would have she she would have a certain number of pledged delegates and if you stay in until the convention you have or you have a little bit more say as more power over where your delegates might go I think the question for her team is going to be can she amassed enough delegates that that is a a useful thing to to to have or is it better at this point to to to let it go and those those are the kinds of discussions I imagine they will be they they they will be having two days stay as they think about the path forward another thing that that I think could potentially be interesting for her warrant if she does stay in there's a prospect that just a week or so from now she would stand on the debate stage potentially with only Biden and Sanders the smallest debate to Jacksonville number one then of course if Bloomberg stays in the race that would be her and three men that could be an interesting moment for her so I'm curious if if the possibility of this debate is going to factor in and also their calculations of of how you know whether or not to stay in and how much longer to stay and and and and what they what they what they want to do I think in the race that's a very interesting prospect that you just raise that if Bloomberg drops out which many people think he's going to then the televised debate next week could just be Sanders and by then and Warren match and if it was that from the beginning but it could be you know she's she's got a lot of delegates.

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