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A war room right trade the pixie get to get the clipboard out there the whistle. Go and do this thing. It's fascinating what's going on. Because i was told that you know after last night's chuck strong event. Yup i said a minute minute and a half. Okay all right. Let's go to five. Angie phone lines so actually. The system is broke. Doesn't were never mind. Okay let's talk about other stuff going on the nfl. Nick boza hasn't decided on the vaccine yet or not. That is a big deal because That is the talking point of every single player. That goes to a microphone after their practice. I don't know how this is going to get handled. I assume it will at some point. We're going to stop hearing about it. Maybe but it sounds like the real world's also getting very much back into the cove world you know. The olympics was topic of conversation on everything. I watch the nightly news there for a while. Now it's like oh we're getting back in the mass some. Well what's going on what's going on what's going on if anybody can keep us updated from outside the world. Don't all right. I'm gonna keep it moving everybody. Let's what's going on over there russell. Westbrook was traded to the lakers. Okay for coups. Mma caldwell-pope tries herrell and picks now it. Is anthony davis lebron. James in brody russell westbrook. They had a meeting lebron's house last week in talked about putting their egos aside say. Hey we need to go ahead and go and win one so now. You got former teammates brody kevin durant james harden kyri over there in brooklyn. Now you got. Ad bron braun in russell westbrook in l. a. Let alone the paul. George and steve balmer clippers. The super teams are still being built right now. Your thoughts quickly on the russell. Westbrook move to the lakers. And i love risk and not a fan of that move Bronze ball dominant guy rushes. Also ball dominant guy off very talented. Absolute eighty s world. Just don't Not not a big move but we'll probably still be in the final. They had a meeting the lebron's house last week and they hung out and say hey. Let's weren't passing each other right. Yeah yeah we're all gonna passer eighty two games. We won't forget about that at all right now. Things are high when things are low. We won't forget passport each other right. We agree right now. Make it back past past past banker. Earth wind far water water damage. I didn't know by the way. I do not know if that was strictly a white thing or not cabbie planet. Yeah yeah i did know. Legend demographic captain planet. I didn't i didn't watch anything.

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