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Bengals, Lamar Jackson, Joe Flacco discussed on The MMQB: 10 Things


All right. Let's let's talk some Lamar Jackson here. This was something. Everyone was was incredibly curious about coming to the to the day here. Lamar Jackson makes his first career start for an inner Joe flacco. The ravens snap eight three game losing streak. They beat the Bengals anti. I'll I'll just ask the general question here. What were your impressions of Lamar Jackson? He ran twenty seven times in the game twenty seven rushing attempts. That's a lot for a big running back. That's where he starving. That's I've never heard of that or seen anything like that in my life. Watching the game. I knew he was running a lot. You got the field. The offense was going through that. And the Bengals clearly were not ready for in the first series. It's Marvin Lewis in his first game in fifteen years calling defensive plays. The you come out, and you show them all these read option looks they didn't have those fifteen years ago, and then they mix in some temple themselves. Great tactic against the new defensive play caller the Bengals got better against Jackson's the game went along. But Gary the discussion is because I I guess there's two parts is Jackson playing next week is he starting we got to go over that. And then is this sustainable because I have to believe if they think Jackson's starter moving forward. I don't think they would have ran him twenty seven times. Yeah. I I mean, I right here you have to build something on top of this. As far as the passing game goes. I Don I mean, look they came out. They had an eleven play drive to start the game here. All those eleven plays were were rushing, please. They got a lead. They played with the lead for for most this game. You know, the Bengals did end up coming back. So I guess he did play from behind. I don't know. I mean twenty four run. Playing. They weren't protecting a lead at any point. I mean, I know that. Yeah. Oh, they weren't taking the air out of the ball. Absolutely. But but the question is, you know, when you I don't know who's coming up in their schedule. When you go somewhere you're down Oakland touchdowns late in the second quarter. What you're playing going to be? You're gonna have to figure out some way to throw the ball. I mean, this is this is the Bengals defense that has not been very good at all into only come up with one hundred fifty passing yards. He took a couple of sacks. He hadn't I n t. And this I it's all I have a problem with Lamar Jackson is in terms of his development. I just I, you know, I don't know if I don't know if you win enough gains playing this style of football in two thousand eighteen I don't think and I don't think you can I.

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